Yo-Yo to Buy

I’m looking for a yoyo right now, under $50. I’m fine with any company, but don’t say Dark Magic because I’m already planning on getting one. Can you guys make some recommendations?

well c3 yoyo design if you like v/h shaped yoyos if your getting the c3 yoyo get the dark sonic or bezerker if you have the money(100-110$) if not get the dibase or capless for midsize(50-65$) or token for undersize(28$), magic yoyo if your on a buget i reccomed the n9 or t8-10(18-20) hint* these are metal and very cheap so they are slight cosemetic imperfection but wont affect play., most yyf metal yoyos well the only metal i like from yyf is the g5 but for 40$ for a yyf yoyo get dv888.
pm if you have any more qustions

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Get the Yoyojam Classic and a spare bearing and maybe pads. I have one and it plays on the level of yoyos double triple and fourple its price. Seriously. Every yoyoer needs one of these things.

So true.

Other good options are the Protostar and Northstar(well, either/or). Still have budget to get a Classic as well.

If you want full metal, the Duncan Raptor, Echo and Metropolis would be serious contenders. I haven’t played the Shinwoo Zen’s yet so I can’t speak about those. The dv888 left me kinda flat, but others love it.

yea seriously … i just slapped on a regular C bearing … took out the O-rings and siliconed… and its a different throw!!!

I was a huge fan of the Proto/Northstar however the classic beats them. Not just because of the price either. I enjoy the thinner shape and the overall feel of the yoyo just suits me better. I would pick the Classic over a handful of metals I have played.

Sorry! Bothered me
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And yes! Classic is SWEET