Yoyo suggestions?


Hello everyone. I am about to celebrate my birthday in a few weeks and I am going to be asking for a new yoyo (even though I just bought a new one like 3 weeks ago). I currently have a YYF Whip and YYF Protostar and I really love the Protostar. I was thinking I would try something new. By new, I was thinking something smaller, metal, or maybe even a different company. Or someone could suggest what yoyo to get as an upgrade from the Protostar. What would you suggest and why? I would like to limit the price range to up to $70 if possible.


Well, smaller would be the dv888. Kind of boring to me, but it would do the job.
The Duncan Raptor is really good for the money. The Metropolis is also good and I’m looking forward to getting an Echo soon. Also don’t ignore God Tricks: great stuff on a budget with fantastic performance exceeding price.

$70 give you a lot to work with. C3’s DiBase, Capless, Token and Halo come to mind. The Halo is delrin. The RecRev Facade($72) and Freq. Wave($69.99) should not be ignored. The TA-1 and TA-1S are nice and in your budget, and very H-shaped. The One Drop Cafe Racer is not bad, but not great. YYJ has plenty of offferings, but I’m not as versed on their metals outside the Phenom and ENEME since i have those. YYF also has the GFunk, and other affordable metals.

The sOMEThING Firmy and V are worth checking out. They are within your budget, and the V is delrin.

I hesitate to recommend the Shinwoo Zen line since I don’t have any yet, but if YYE carries it, I’m sure they’ve passed a series of tests saying that YYE is satisfied with these and can sell them with pride. YYE doesn’t want to sell bad stuff, so I’d say these are safe to get as well.

Going away from YYE opens the options up a bit, but then shipping might be a killer. It’s best to stay domestic for now.


Out of that list, can you give like a brief pro/con list? If it’s not too much of a hassle.


No, not really. I mean, I like and have all of these except for the Capless, which I will have soon(maybe)!

The DiBase may be budget friendly, but it’s performance powerful. The optional weight rings that are included I found added vibe. I am known to like heavy, but this one is fine stock. V-shape, good for horizontal, which I can’t do. Decent grinder.

Token: Small. Forces you to clean up your game. Plays awesome and is budget-friendly. Screw the Popstar, this is what you want if you want to go small. But that’s not fair. I played and it was “hate at first throw”. I was told to play it more, and the anger kept building. So, what am I saying? I’m saying i personally didn’t like the Popstar.
The Halo, being delrin, has a different weight distribution and is more of a classic kind of shape, yet still a great player. The delrin is smooth yet grinds amazing.

The RecRev TA-1 and TA-1S are aluminum and delrin respectively. Both are solid performers. With both now in my possession, I prefer the TA-1 a little bit more. The H-shape is wonderful for those finger grinds.
The Facade has two outter IRG rings if you want to use them and a tiny undercut in the design. Amazing, simply amazing, and the blue with silver/black splash I just love to death. I am a fan of blue yoyos. Ignore the color though as this is a major player.
The Freq. Wave, what’s not to like. Smooth, fast, spins a long time, just feels great in the hand and on the string. It does play better than the slightly more expensive Facade in my opinion but both are great throws at great prices. V shape gives big catch zone.
RecRev seems to have standardized on Crucial Grooved bearings. No issues there from me.

The One Drop Cafe Racer ain’t no slacker, but the stock budget 10-Ball bearing really isn’t that great. It should be replaced ASAP. It’s very small and narrow, making it an ideal pocket throw. Unlike the Token which will force you to play better, the Cafe Racer is tolerant of slop as it’s a bit bigger than the Token. Serious One Drop performance in a cheap package.

Then the sOMEThING Firmy. I love the V-shapes, which most of what I’m recommending is. V-shapes give you maximum catch zone. At 54mm diameter, it’s dead on the full size spec range. It has great weight distribution. The edges are a bit too sharp, so long play sessions can cause soreness. The axle is taped through. The graphics tend to be simple and solids, but that’s OK, that’s what I’m after.

I’m a fan of Mickey’s throws, no hiding that. I think though that in this case, the Freq. Wave might be your leader. It’s just under your budget. It’s intended for competition(most of the others are as well) and it just plays fantastic. Next might be the Facade then the Firmy if it was me, then the DiBase.

Again, don’t have a Capless yet, won’t bass judgement. All I will say is that I want one soon.

If this doesn’t help, ask more.


Capless all the way


You’re in for a treat.

Definitely get a Capless. I still can’t believe they’re not sold out…

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C3 DiBase or the Capless. Or maybe a Dv888. If you have a little extra, get a Supernova or Genesis by YYF.


I’m been sold on it, I just haven’t ordered one yet. Blue with silver speckle, I think that’s what I’m gonna order. Probably before the end of the week.


It seems like capless is the way to go then?


Most definitely. The Capless is a truly wonderful yoyo.

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