what should i get next?


Hey guys, I already own a supernova and I was wondering what to get next. The thing I, my budget is $85… I like yoyos a little big (not a lot, kinda like the size of the supernova) and I like around 64-70g for the weight.i was thinking about the one drop Burnside. But I dont really know any yoyos for that price, I dont want to spend like $50, I want a good throw. Thanks!


The burnside would be a fine choice. Many people love that yoyo to death.


… Or the Czech Mate is probably a good choice as well :slight_smile:


The Capless or Firmy. Both have nice profiles and are perfect weight.


I was also thinking about the capless. So capless vs Burnside?


Do you like round throws, or h-shaped throws?

IMO the capless has a beautiful finish.


I think the shape of the capless is really nice, I like h shape too.my favorite shape is something like the supernova, what shape is that? V or h? I tried the Burnside and it was ok, so im seriously considering he capless


The supernova is kinda Organic H shaped. You might like the new Sundial by Adegle that will come out soon.


How much $$$$ will it be? Anyway I think im going with capless


Yeah definitely get the capless. But I think the Sundial will be over 85 dollars.


Yeah, I also think before I buy it, im going to try the di base 2 and the caplesa (you can try them then buy them at my yoyo store) because I loved the di base 1, and I might like it more than the capless, you never know :wink: by the way… This might sound stupid, but how fmdo you say “di base 2” because I remember somebody said you dont literally say di base 2, there is a way to say it, so how? ???


Pronounced: DEE*BAH-SAY

Its italian for “basic”


Ain’t nothing wrong with the Burnside, but it’s more than $50, so you kind of have to make a clear choice to help us with recommendations based on what you are really setting your budget to be.

Burnside is amazing. I can think of other stuff too, depending on how long you want to go that are amazing as well. Capless, DiBase, Sine//saw, Freq.Wav(good luck there), @ and others.

There’s a lot of amazing all over the price spectrum. It’s a good time to buy a yoyo.

June 6th might be a better day to buy a yoyo…


Haha I ment I dont want to buy a $40 yoyo because it would be too cheap, not because it would be too expensive.


Some of the Magic YoYo’s will blow your mind at under $30(and sometimes under $12) SHIPPED. N12 and T5.

The Kuyo’s YoYoCompany Trap and Trap 2013 are amazing solid players at $35 and $40 respectively.

The God Trick’s Bounty Hunter is over-sized, way fun, and I think around $50, V-shaped and good for horizontal and gyro tricks.

I’m not talking junkers. I’m talking about really great stuff.

Let’s keep going up the price line and forgive me if I skip over stuff I don’t have and/or don’t like:

C3 DiBase: $55. Only thing cheap here is the price. Performance is amazing.
C3 Capless: Again, budget in price only, everything else is fantastic.
RecRev Sine//saw: fast, agile, comfortable, blow you away performance for about $55. If you want a touch bigger, there is the “@” for $65, but YYE doesn’t have it.
Freq.Wav, if you could get it, is around $75. Good luck on that. Seriously. Nobody has them anymore, which is a shame as they are really good.
What does the RecRev OG Octave run? $70

There’s certainly other stuff. I can’t say anything bad about the Burnside. If this is One Drop’s definition of a budget yoyo, this sets the bar extremely high for budget yoys.

I’d say if you have you eye on the Burnside, follow your eyes to the checkout line and buy it.

Terms like cheap and expensive are relative. I prefer to judge on performance. Price is a factor. I have to look at price so I can determine if I can get something or not.


Wow, thanks. I’ve been looking at the magic n12 for such a long time, and never got one. I might try out one of those. I’ll try the Burnside and the di base 2 and maybe the capless and decide. I dont think the store has magic yoyos, but ill ask.