which would you buy?


Hey guys, im stuck on which yoyo yo buy. But before I tell you the choices…
Keep in mind, some will be more expensive than others, and I dont like to spend much on yoyos, so if a yoyo is just as good and like $30 less, thats a big plus.
Okay, so here r the choices
Super g (I think for $65, where im buying)
Clyw chief (idk the asking price, probably around $120)
Clyw X OD summit ($120)
MAYBE c3 capless, but it’s like polished silver, do its going to be expensive…
Which would you buy?


Well how much are you planning on sending? A decent yoyo would be the capless no dought. The caribou lodge yoyos are way to expensive for me.


Thats the thing, I dont know… Congrats on your first post


The chief is miles ahead of the others.


Thats what I was thinking, but I have never tried a chief.


Chief and Summit are the best choices here atm. Also, why would a polished yoyo cost more? It would cost less. Polishing takes a yoyo’s value doowwwwn.


Oh, I dont really know much about polishing yoyos. Anyway, I font think im getting that one. The thing is, I love the shape of the super G and its one of my favorite players sig yoyo…


Super G’s are very good. Possibly my favorite YYF (until I get a MVP II or a H.O.T). Only thing that would make it better IMO would be a good beadblast.


This is a rather uninformed comment.

ALL those yoyos perform wonderfully (though I can’t say that for certain, not having tried a Super G). Personally I find that my Summit outplays my Chief.

But of the three I’ve owned, the Capless is definitely the biggest bang for your buck.
And Jordan, for the most part, is correct: polishing yoyos diminishes the value (assuming the yoyo was mint/near mint to begin with). But for yoyos that are completely beat, it can up the price a bit.

If you don’t like to spend a lot on yoyos, then I wouldn’t even look at CLYW. Even secondhand, their models will run you $70+. Except the FG Avalanches, I’ve seen them go for as low as $40, so that’s a path you may want to look into.

I’d say go for the Super G. It’s not very pricy, plays well, you said yourself you love the shape. Seems like a no brainer to me ;D


It all depends on three things.

How much you want to spend, or feel more comfortable spending?

Do you already have a high end 100+ yoyo?

Are you a really good yoyoer, do you really need a new yoyo, or a expensive one?

Answer those and I can narrow it down immediately.

Capless for cheap, Summit for pricey…


Personally, I did not like the Super G, but here, my opinion shouldn’t matter, because the one I recieved had terrible wobble, and did not play as YYF intended it to.

I love CLYW (but am not a fanboy), and even though their prices for a brand new throw can be a bit absurd, in my opinion, they are worth every penny.

I’ve had the pleasure of owning a few Chiefs, and must say, they play spectacularly. Even the dinged up one I purchased from Mordo163 is as smooth as glass. CLYW comes out with some great colors, and the Chief is slowly becoming one of my favorite throws. If you can, try to buy one used, or FG, both of which bring down the price quite a bit (Don’t worry about FG. CLYW’s standards are so high that their FG could be the A grades of other companies.).

The Summit is a great throw too, and has the added benefit of Side Effects. if I were to compare this to any throw, it would be the Avalanche (both have a nice Mid wall, and play is similar). I know this isn’t on your list, but look at the Cliff and Glacier Express. These two throws are a bit underrated, and offer great play. Once again, CLYW is really worth it; their products ooze quality, so if you have a chance, get one. Definitely.


Probably between the Chief and Summit.


I would actually like to spend around $75
I dont really need a new yoyo…i just want one, cuz I only have 1 good yoyo. Im finishing advanced part 1.
The only $100+ I have is a supernova, here its $85, I got mine for $115.


“Only”. A lot of people can’t afford these high end throws. Be thankful for what you have. :slight_smile:


Well, ya… But how many throws did you have when you were at advanced part 1, almost part 2? Plus I’ve had this supernova forever.


Dude you dont have to justify saying what you did. If you said " I dont need another yoyo but I only have 16 high end yoyos and want another" then maybe that could be taken a bit greedy and unappreciative but having just one yoyo at the level your at is pretty humble. In reality you dont need any more then one but you dont need more then one shirt or one pair of shoes but what fun is it wearing the same thing every day or throwing the same yoyo day in day out. Plus IMO you gotta buy a few yoyos or at least get a chance to play a bunch of different ones so you can find the yoyo that fits your needs cause going off pics is really hard expecially when your new. Once you have played a lot of them then you can look at specs and shape and know exactly what you like but its a lot of trial and error at first.

I just got a Summit and have had plenty of Chiefs and I say get a summit. They are awesome. They all are good choices though. Haven’t tried the super G though. Im the opposite that shape totally pushed me away from it.


Yes, I hope you didn’t take what I said the wrong way. No need to justify yourself; you seem like a nice, humble person. I know it’s hard to phrase stuff on the Internet because people can’t hear your tone of voice, and I think I took what you said a bit differently than how you meant me to. :slight_smile:


Yup, no biggie :slight_smile: its cool…

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Ten yoyo dropbear is always a great choice


If your looking for a great throw then get the Duncan echo. It’s cheap but it’s a great throw.