One high end metal

Hello all :). So my situation is that due to my grades and my birthday being in a month, my parents are willing to buy me ONE over $100 metal. I highly doubt this will happen again so I want to fully take advantage of this. I am eyeing the Comeback Avalanche, Arctic Circle, BvM2, and a Summit. I like throws that are stable and have long sleep time, but are not too stable and and go slightly fast, like the Shutter. If you guys have any other recommendations I would be more than happy to consider the , but keep in mind that I will only get ONE, so for example please don’t suggest the Chief unless you really think I should get it. Also, please only recommend yoyos if you’ve tried them for an extensive period of time and truly understand how they feel. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Everything you just mentioned is awesome. In my opinion your preferences point to the summit. That being said, the chief is awesome. My second favorite CLYW with the summit in first. The bvm2 is probably 3rd with CLYW for me, tied with the avalanche. If you don’t want CLYW, try onedrop. The format:C just came out and sounds downright amazing. Hopefully this helps you somewhat… My main recommendation is the summit. Side effects, nice and stable, great horizontal, awesome all around. :slight_smile:

If you are bent on ONE metal, I suggest getting the new supernova. It really impressed me this past worlds. Also, I believe it comes with a delrin severe; Another incredible yoyo.

What I would do, however, is purchase a minute 2 and a Crazy -D. Excellent yoyos, and I think it hits right at 100 or 105 total. You’ll love them both.

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I’m trying to veer away from YYF for this one. And as for the minute and crazy d, I could probably get them next time because they cost lass than $100

Can you describe how the other throws play?

Alright. I see how much this means to you. You’re 15 right? Or 16? Something like that… But anyways, can’t you just buy high ends yourself? I’m sure you have some sort of job, if not you probably could without too much trouble and buy them yourself. Unless your parents don’t let you, which is understandable.

If this is really you’re only chance to get a high end metal until like… You move out… haha, then here’s some stuff I think you might like based on what you said.

The Chief, Summit, and Cascade.

The Chief. The most stable yoyo Ive ever thrown… Possibly the longest spinning as well. It is truly an amazing throw. It can also play on the faster side if you want it to, but not too fast, which is what you like as you’ve stated. This can do that for you. However, this yoyo is “too” stable in my opinion. I mean, not too stable, because on my eyes, nothing can be too stable :wink: it definitely is stable enough to kind of do the work for you, which you said you didn’t want. Personally, I think that makes it even better, but I can see why people don’t like that. So, that’s up to you. A bonus, absolutely amazing at grinds. I could get 4-5 second finger grinds and 8 second thumb grinds with this thing.

The Summit. Another amazing throw. This one is also long spinning, but I feel the Chief is a little longer spinning. This is a throw that can go slow and flowy or fast based on your style. Can’t go that fast though, but still on the faster side if you push it. A little slower than the Chief. This one’s also a little less stable than the Chief. So you still get the feel of controlling it yourself and not letting it do it for you. It is still very stable though. This is an ideal choice based on your preferences.

The Cascade. My PERSONAL favorite of the 3. Still got a long spin time, but a little less than the above two. Also the fastest of the 3, and I love fast throws, so it fits me well. Still fairly stable, but a little less stable than the above 2. However, this is what gives it character, which is what I think you’re looking for. It’s fast, and not rock stable to give it character. This is the combination I think you’re looking for and is what I would recommend most for you.

One more yoyo I want to throw out. The KLR… If you can find one.

The KLR is the most well rounded yoyo I’ve ever played in my opinion. It can play on the slower side, or on the faster side. It’s a little floaty as well. It’s a little more stable than the Summit, but still less stable than the Chief. Fitting your preferences, this thing can go on the faster side if you want it to as well… The KLR is also a monster at all grinds. Finger, thumb, palm, you name it. It’s great for fingerspins as well. It also has spikes that are fairly sharp so you can do matador if you like that. I’m no good at 5a but with my VERY limited knowledge I can see it’s good for 5a. I can’t do 3a whatsoever but I think it would be good for that too, but don’t quote me on that. Very well rounded.

So… I’ll leave you with that. In my opinion, get the Cascade if you don’t do 5a, don’t do much grinds, fingerspins, matador, etc. Get the KLR(if you can find one) if you want a well rounded yoyo that can truly do everything.

Fair enough! :slight_smile:

Honestly, grab a Majesty or Quantum. They blow all of my CLYWs out of the water. Maybe not the BvM2. But the Majesty is, in my humble opinion, the closest yoyo to perfection that I have ever played. That being said I find no flaws with the BvM2.

Maybe a format c. If you can wait then I say go for the General yo Prestige.

I like how he wants a yoyo that is stable but not too stable.

All of his choices were super stable.

BvMr2 might be the way to go, but I also could see Chief, AC and Ava easily being ideal fits.

Chief maybe?

What I meant to say was that it need to be stable, but it must also handle some slightly fast play.

I like my majesty way more then my chief, but I’m pretty sure they’re sold out.

They’ll all do fine.

I just got my first metal yoyo as well. Mine’s the Summit. I really love it! But I can’t really comment on the other yoyo’s.

It’s such a hard decision! And now I’m considering other CLYWs like the Chief.

You might actually want to wait until the contest to decide. One Drop,yye, and another yoyo store are sponsoring so they will probably have yoyos to try. The people there will probably have some that they will let you try.

But my Bday is on the 15th. But I could ask my parents I wait until then I guess

This. Trying a yoyo beforehand makes so much difference. I had no interest in buying a BVM2 until a tried it and loved it, whereas I tried a few others that some people loved at meets (Model 10, Summit, Gnarwal) and found that they weren’t really my thing.

If you can wait to get to a contest and try a few out, it will 100% be worth the wait so you can get something that you know you will love.

I’ve played all of the above mentioned clyw’s. Im still waiting to try the farmat c so i can not say how it plays. But of the clyw’s i love my summit. Once i put a ceramic concave bearing on it, it just plays amazing. It is not a heavy throw to me, but its not light either. It just feels like perfection on the end of the string. I have not done any horizontal play on it, but others have said its awesome for that. It has side effects, so you can modify it a little bit. It is the perfect amount of float, and speediness. I do not play fast like some of the other guys on the forum, i like to take my time and relax, but i have seen guys go blast off fast with the summit. I really like the puffin, but its a little small, and when some tricks are not mastered, some say it is a little unstable. I do love my summif