Looking for Recommendations.


I’m fairly new to playing, few months in. But loving it. My play style leans toward flowing, laid back, slower play. Not a speed demon, and I favor tricks that look like magic.

I’ve got the following throws.

OD Down Beat, OD Cascade, OD Rally, OD MarkMont Classic, YYF Shutter, YYF Replay PRO, YYF Protostar, YYF Horizon, CLYW Yeti, YJ Dark Magic II, and YM Glide

I’m looking to add a new, high end metal. I’ve narrowed it down to the following choices.

YYF Space Cowboy, CLYW Chief, or OD Gradient.

Which one would be the best to compliment my current collection? If none, what would you recommend?


I’ve owned all three, and my favorite without question is the Chief. One of the most fun yoyos I’ve ever used. The Space Cowboy is decent, and the Gradient is alright also, but they can’t compare to chief in my opinion, especially considering that you said you like laid back flowing styles of play.


Played all three yoyos, and I have to say that the Space Cowboy is the best(IMO of course) out of all three. The Chief and the Gradient are great throws for what your asking. Looks like you own a lot of YYF and OD, so you could get what your familiar with. You have a “Slower, laidback” sort of style. So any would be to your liking.

What are you looking for in a yoyo? Stability? Floatyness? Solid? Maneuverability?

I would probably recommend the OD Downbeat, Rebellion Butcher, or the TP Shake, based on what you seem to be asking for.


The things I prefer in a yoyo is stability, and smoothness. I don’t dislike floaty yoyos but they tend to be harder to play with at the pace I prefer, I feel like I have to play them faster than I’m comfortable at this point.

I have a Down Beat, and I love it. Though it’s a bit too heavy for when i’m learning a new trick or combo, but once I have the tricks down, I find it’s always the one I go back to for practicing those tricks.

Since you already own a Downbeat, I would say go for a Chief.

Nothing wrong with a Space Cowboy or a Gradient but I think you’ll enjoy the Chief the most. :slight_smile:


I really like the look of the Chief, and I don’t have very many CLYW return tops, but they are pretty spendy too, which makes it harder to jump in on them without a bit more research. BUt, man if it doesn’t look like I’d love it. The only regret is waiting so long and missing out on the Brussel Sprouts colorway.

Thanks! makes sense. And heck, I’m not fooling anyone, I know I’ll end up with one of each at some point anyway. :smiley:

Hmmm, nice collection. I’d go bimetal but not the cowboy - only because I personally don’t like weight rings on the outside of the throw. Looks like you have plenty of fullsize stuff.

Maybe you could use some Japanese. If you like fullsize… Take the plunge and go Turning Point palpitation or maybe iso2. I really like the palpitation. Never tried the iso. If you prefer smaller/lighter go YYR Sputnik. I have most fun with my Sputnik. Feels like I can get it in and out of places others give me more difficulty with.

Also, the Cheif is always a winner but just based on specs I’d say you already have things that are similar. It is super good though, very satisfying and I think would fit with your flowy, magic inclinations.

Oh, wow. Thanks!

I’d not seen those before, all three look like they’d be awesome. I’m going to have to look into them a bit deeper. Thanks for the recommendations!

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Stability, not too floaty, smooth… All things I associate with bimetal and palpitation fo sho.

Gradiant is pretty fast, and while the Chief can go fast it is also good for slow play. I would recommend the too HOT though if you like slow flowing tricks.

BTW wrong section

Oh, if you are looking for bi metals an iyoyo steel is good for its price.

The Too Hot is amazing. I’m not a fast player, more laid back flowy type. It carries its momentum while not being a brick on a string and is very stable.

You will not regret getting a Chief, the CLYW throws keep their value too!

Your style fits an Arctic Circle 2 a lot. Have you considered that? If not, I would go with the Chief.

That Brussels Sprouts Chief is my favorite return top! :wink: Just get the You’ve got red on you Chief right now before they’re gone.

The Chief most definitely! The Gradient is supposed to be a very fast yoyo, so may not suit your style.

Thanks All, it’s looking like I can’t go wrong with the Chief.

I’ll never get rid of my Chief. Love it. Good choice.

It looks like you have made up your made on the Chief, and from what I hear you can’t go wrong with that although I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure.

However, as another casual player who also loves the OD Downbeat but also happens to own both the Space Cowboy and the Gradient, I thought I would weigh in on those two in case you are ever looking at them again.

Gun to my head, if I had to choose between them I would probably take the Gradient over the Space Cowboy. It is light and zippy and gives me a completely different experience than the Cowboy does compared to my other yo-yos. It might simply be my inexperience as a non-expert thrower, but when I pick up my Space Cowboy it feels more hefty (as a bi-metal should) and I almost always end up putting it down and picking up my Downbeat again.

Deep down I actually regret buying the Space Cowboy but not the Gradient to the point that I am considering selling the Cowboy. That is purely subjective though, and everyone’s experience will be different. I have a feeling (or at least I hope that this is true) that later on when I am better at throwing I may warm up to the Cowboy.

Sorry, that probably didn’t help at all ;D