Help me pick a yoyo for front play?

Im looking for something really powerful for front combos (boingy boing, sea sick, pop n fresh) and at a really fast pace?

I already own a a dark magic 2 and a CODE2. They both can do this perfectly well but i want a new yo just for the sake of a new yo :stuck_out_tongue: Im thinking of trying a caribou Lodge, but im open to anything?

CLYW Chief.

Don’t look any further.


If you’re looking at a CLYW you can’t go wrong with a chief. It sounds like you want a CLYW so why not just get one, you will eventually so make it today!

It’s darned hard to beat having a Chief in your collection.

When I think frontstyle, I think Alexis JV, and he’s a SPYY player. Could go for something from SPYY if you want to mix it up a little. He lists the yoyos he uses in all his YouTube videos, but seriously it tends to run the full gamut… an Addiction or a Supra maybe? He’s been seeing using El Rancheros and other SPYY throws as well.

I have it narrowed down to 3!

  1. CLYW Chief

  2. SPYY Addiction

  3. OD cascade

Chief: I feel like it is a staple, like everyone ends up with one b.c its so solid all round. On top of that i want to try a CLYW. The con here is that i feel like it is really similar to my CODE2… am i wrong there?

Addiction: I LOVE the look of this yoyo. And getting a SPYY would be a cool change of pace. Only con is Idk how much i trust a smaller company, idk if SPYY is really smaller but they arent a power house like OD and CLYW

Cascade: Iv never thrown a smaller yoyo, so this would just be a totally different direction and one i really trust OD. No real con here, just idk what the benefits/detriments of smaller throw are?

So bla haha, advice???

SPYY are considered a player in the premium yoyo game and have been around for a long enough time, building an excellent track record. They’re right in the same size and reputation level as CLYW, at least until recently when CLYW started getting a lot of publicity.

Suffice it to say, they’re not an unknown, even if you’ve never heard of them. :wink: People associate SPYY with legendary smoothness. Having Guy Wright, Nate Sutter, Ed Haponik, Alexis JV (and others) on your team is pretty good testimony…

The very concept of not trusting SPYY is alien to me. :wink:

I say Cascade, being a OD liker and all :).

Get anything.

And then enjoy it!

What’s your budget? I’m loving the SPYY Amplifier a lot. The BvMr2 is a speed machine and would meet your needs really well. So would the Chief adn AC.

In your case, since you’re buying just to be buying, it’s a nice position to be in. YYE has an amazing selection fo stuff you’re most likely going to just absolutely love.

The Addiction is a comfort throw. It isn’t a performance machine, nor all that fast.
I’ve never played the Cascade.
The Chief is your best bet. It is fast, stable and has a bit of float. It is spin machine too, it spins like a 7075 throw.

Try c3 yoyo designs, I really love the dark sonic and Dibase, c3 yoyos are pretty much really good but if you don’t like v shape yoyos I think these are not for you but most of their yoyos are competition worthy. If not try yoyo officer they are a new company it couldn’t hurt to give them a try. If not try spyy I mean their yoyos are at the same level as clyw’s yoyos so you know they are good.

I dunno, Yonut. I think of the Chief as a floaty (not just a little!) comfort throw, and I’ve seen Alexis JV whip around an Addiction like it’s nobody’s business. :wink:

I think when we’re talking about speed, the bottleneck is usually the player’s ability more than the yoyo itself. None of the three tricks given as examples (seasick, boingy boing, pop’n’fresh) require the ultimate in speed, and I suspect that gart is ramping up his frontstyle play (hence the “reason for being” for the thread right from the beginning!)… even if you’re willing to buy that the Addiction is more of a comfort throw than the Chief (I will reserve judgment until I have experienced an Addiction… but the Chief is a lot about comfort to me) I don’t think it’s going to be a speed limit on Gart’s burgeoning frontstyle play.

so, not many have talked about the cascade. It is smaller, but also very wide. it is not as long spinning as your code 2, but just as stable and much smoother and more grind friendly. I must say that I am a little biased, cause i love onedrop and side effects. I have all three of the yoyos in question, so I guess i should address all of them.
I have already talked about the cascade, so…
Addiction: fast and smooth in my opinion, not super fast, but fast. classic, easy to recognize shape. It can matador and grind very well. It can also take a serious beating. It is an all around good, solid yoyo, and one that i often grab when i can’t decide what i want to take. I got mine for $40 from a friend.
Chief: Pretty much the super hyped up monster. The hype is almost as big as the performance, and trust me, the performance is top notch. Stable, long spinning, smooth. A floaty enough for hops (it is amazing for this) and whips, fast enough for tech tricks. It handles everything from hops to horizontals. It is sort of big, so if you don’t like that, I guess you should consider something else. This can really grind well.
oh whatever, Guess i’ll talk about the cascade, too!
Cascade: SMOOTH. Probably the smoothest yoyo in both feel and grinds ever. on an even mediocre throw, it is just dead on the string. One of my favorite throws. The weight is more central, and so the spin feels a little less strong than the other 2 in my opinion. It still spins more than long enough for any combo or trick that i know.
I would sa that you should choose between the chief and the cascade.

Sounds like they all can for sure handle what i throw at at it! I think i want the one that is the most different from my code 2, and im thinking that is the cascade? The addiction just visually LOOKS so amazing, and then after looking at diameter im a little afraid of the chiefs size. Ill probably end up with all 3 within the next year (and a yelets). More or less i think that would be a really good and versatile collection?

I like Phil’s descriptions.

I’m becoming a bit of a SPYY fan, but I haven’t tried all their yoyos yet. I just wanted to throw out there that the Addiction isn’t likely going to “slow” you down.

But despite that, I do think that the Chief probably belongs in most people’s collections. I mean, I’d never dissuade someone from buying a Chief. :wink:

If you end up with all those throws, you will no doubt have the beginnings of a very well-rounded collection!


Just about all of SPYY’s products are great. I own 11 different SPYY yoyos and the only one I wasn’t too fond of was the Ronin.

The Addiction was the first yoyo expensive yoyo I bought with my own money and its been played more than anything I have. It can move very quickly and would have no doubts about using it in a freestyle. Throw in a center trac bearing and it is taken to 11.

The supra is very comparable to the YYR Messiah (I have has both in my possession at the same time) and these 2 yoyos are quite possibly the best undersized yoyos on the market.

I could go on about all the SPYY yoyos I’ve tried, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself and not answering the post. The pro, supra or addiction would be great or frontstyle. If you could grab any of those you won’t be disappointed.

Cliff theres a special place that just stocked them

I think the most different yoyo from the Code2 is the Cascade. I haven’t owned any other yoyo from those three except for the Cascade. I really, really like it. I can say I have smaller hands, so that may be some reason why I like it. I’ve heard the Chief is fast and floaty. Not sure about the Addiction. The Cascade is exceptionally smooth. The spin, the sound, the feel on grinds… it’s all smooth. It can go fast or slow, at least for me. Hope I helped!

Stop mentioning other places. It is against the rules.

I would say that if you want a unique throw in comparison to the code 2 and you don’t want something all that big, then yeah, cascade is the way to go. I would recommend messing around with the bearing though. The ten ball (my favorite) keeps it smooth and quiet, but a twisted trifecta draws out the spin, and the center trac makes the spin go off the charts but adds a little vibe… etc.