help on big decision!!

hi to every yoyoer

it’s been a tough month to be an advanced player. . But i admit it was enjoyable

So i decided to start on combo tricks, so i need to change my yoyo.

I started looking for a yoyo that match my style.

So i prefer :

1- metal yoyo

2- high performance

3- long spin time

4- most important, perfect for combos and string tricks and free style tricks

5- costs under 120$

6- not important, perfect for kitty strings

Thats it.

So guys just to let you know i live in far away country! So this means i cant buy from the enternet all the time

Maybe once a year! which this leaves to me one option, get a yoyo you won’t regret

So please guys help me, i know you won’t let me regret

Best regards

Plus the yoyo i want must be smooth and fast and floaty

I think that we may need more specifics. are you looking for full-sized or undersized? heavy or light? do you care about grinds? Other than that I can give some good suggestions.

For smooth, fast and floaty anything from CLYW would amazing to get, and just in your price range if you don’t get the chief AC or GE. My favorites from CLYW in your price range would be the gnarwhal, the peak, and the Avalanche.

One drop would be the other obvious choice, I can testify that all their yo-yos are fantastic. From one drop I would recommend the burnside, the 54, the Code 2, and the cascade.

another company that is really just a personally favorite of mine is Recrev (recreational revolution). they make all their yo-yos at around $70, and I have never thrown a recrev that I didn’t think could be sold for more than it is. If you are going for long spins and stability, I like the mangaroo. If you want something that feels nice and still plays great, get one of the octave series.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

not sure if you can call yourself an “advanced player” after a month or so

1- metal yoyo - alright

2- high performance - they pretty much all are

3- long spin time - this comes at 80% from your throwing technique (if not more than that)

4- most important, perfect for combos and string tricks and free style tricks - they pretty much all are

5- costs under 120$ - they pretty much all do

6- not important, perfect for kitty strings - try out white Gstrings, come back after that, kittys really ain’t no special, despite what some may say

My point here is, you may have blasted through YYE tutorials and whatnot, but that getting to that “advanced” part of the list does not make you an actually advanced player. It’s good to have confidence, but be true to yourself. But who am I to judge? I mean maybe you’re an exceptionally talented kid, but after one month or so, it’s generally admitted that you still pretty much are a beginner.

You’ll become advanced with experience and time.

My take here, if you want a nice throw, go with whatever the hype is about, CLYW, YYF, OD, whatever floats your boat aesthetically, try out different stuff and have fun with it, go to meetings and contests (always nice to keep the ego in check when you think you’re the “next big thing” alone in your room or with your non throwing friends).

If you want to get a bad throw for anything over $30 today, you have to work hard, everything pretty much spins forever now, there won’t be (at the exception of a very few throws) little to no difference in performance between a $30 chinese KK’d bootleg and a $150 limited edition stuff made in the US (actually, sometimes the former outperforms the latter). the main differences can be finish quality, design originality, maybe aluminum quality/density. I’ve seen $100+ throws sold as A grade with ano flaws that big that other brands wouldn’t even sell them as B grade, I’ve also seen perfectly beautiful and well finished, high performing $30 chinese knockoffs.

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i did so many advanced tricks so easily with my dark magic 2 so in a month is possible

Btw i think dm2 is not quite good for me to learn combos and long string tricks

So my point is what yoyo should i get to learn these kind of tricks?

I recommend the following based oin your comments:

One Drop
Code 1


Go with the clyw avalanche. It is personally one of my all time favorite throws and it is in your price range. It is a super floaty throw that is just overall and excellent player. You will not be disappointed if you choose the avalanche.

Code 2. Burnside is too heavy.

well, those are not really meant for people to say “I can do that trick, so I’m an advanced player”, there is quite a difference between being able to successfully land each part of a trick and actually mastering it.
don’t get me wrong, you’re doing fairly well if you’re already at that point. But if you look at other, truly advanced players (those who play for 2, 3, 4 years, those who compete, create their own material etc…) you got to admit you probably do not play remotely like those (nor am I for that matter).

But if you keep at it, you will someday. You want to get to the point, not when you’ll be able to do the whole list of YYE tutorials and call yourself a “yoyo master”, but to the point when you’ll be expressing yourself, not thinking about which string to go or how to place your finger, but thinking in terms of shapes, rhythm, pace, flow, complexity or simplicity. then I’d have no problem with you calling yourself “advanced”. (not that I really have one today either, for all I care you could call yourself a semi-god, live your life and do whatever floats your boat my friend, it’s not for me to judge, just trying to give you some advice here, it won’t do you any good if you overestimate your skill, especially after one month of throwing, be proud of you have accomplished, but be honest with yourself, there’s nothing wrong with being a beginner, that’s the most exciting part because this is when you realize how much you will learn in your journey)

My point is, unless you really have the mileage under the belt, you will probably see a significant spin time difference between yoyos, but as you advance in skill and level, your throwing technique will become much better up to the point when you’ll be able to throw longer combos with your DMII then than you would ever do with the most high end yoyo available today.

In that regard, I’ll repeat what I’ve written above

go with whatever is hyped at that point in time, right now the CLYW stuff is very good, easy to come by, so is OneDrop. You also can’t go wrong with high end YYF, you got a competition classic in the Genesis, that’s a brilliant throw, so are the Supernova and Supernova Lite, can’t go wrong with either. You got C3 with great stuff, Xcube also, right now I’m digging Diamont noir stuff, that’s serious stuff right there too.

If you just want something that performs and is easy to play, go with YYF (maybe not the MVP2 as I’d qualify it as a throw for truly “advanced” players, it’s very nice, but you have to play very straight to get the most of it)

Get a Genesis, you’ll eventually end up getting one everyday (to many, everyone should have a Genesis), slap a KK in it, the thing will spin forever, you can do 1A, 3A and 5A with it, I know players who do those styles, everyone is extremely satisfied with it.

if you really want to get something nice for your first throw, a solid, well known player that’ll outlast the hype, get a genesis.

it’s pretty much a no brainer to me, if you’re ready to spend a little and if you want to be sure to get something that will deliver, you should get one.

that or maybe a code 1

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Iam really inspired

U r a nice guy hadoq

I will stick with your advice

Maybe i was going on the wrong road

Btw i think CLYW avalanche would be good?

But i saw you recommending gensis which make me confused

should i get gensis or avalanche? ???

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I’ve been throwing for almost 17 months now, and while I’m in the advanced 2 section, I cetainly don’t even consider myself an advanced player.

First, you should be pleased with your progress. This doesn’t come easy to some of us, like me. For others, it does come easily. There’s no need to upgrade over your DM2, but if you want to, I think the new Avalance would be a good choice, as would be the Code 1 or Code 2, the Albatross, Nessie, and many others. If money isn’t a target, you can consider great cost-effective yoyos like the Dibase, Facade and Capless just to name a few. I’m enjoying the MVP(not 2) quite a bit, and the Superstar is loads of fun, but you don’t need to spend that kind of money, as the Nova-series by YYF is good stuff at good prices as is the Rockstar. I really like the DiBase, a lot more than I expected. I

Other good choices include the Inspire, and the Firmy. If you’re not committed to full metal, some of the metal/plastic YYJ’s become otpions, but I think you’d be better with something else. I like YYJ stuff though.

I’m not recommending the One Drop Cascade at this time. It’s got more center weight in it and you might not like the difference. It’s a great player and yoyo though, and I have one and really enjoy it.

Too many choices to work with. Take your time, don’t rush into this. Even for me $100 is a big chunk of money and I don’t want to waste money. I choose wisely and with serious though. I’m pleased with my decisions. Ask questions, read answers.

A couple of suggestions come to mind:

  1. One Drop CODE2 - big, chunky but surprisingly agile. Used to win the EYYC 2012.
  2. YYF Superstar (Ando Edition) - cheaper than the regular edition because they removed the hubstacks. Plays better without them anyway. Spritely and stable. Handles horizontals like nobody’s business.
  3. Every other high end YYF
  4. Any ‘low-end’ CLYW - not really ‘low-end’ in the traditional sense but ‘low-end’ in the same way that a Boxster is a low-end Porsche. Avalanche would be my pick of this bunch.


Really it’s up to which one you like the most aesthetically, some prefer larger throws, other like them smaller, lighter or heavier.

I’m not a huge fan of CLYW pre-chief, but to some, they’re very nice

I’d stick with a 2012 design or a throw that’s still produced now (or that has been updated such as the genesis), performance standards really seem much better today than they were one or two or more years ago.

about the genesis, you’ll end up getting one eventually, it’s really a must have, it’s the kind of throw you can always trust. I had mine as a backup for french nationals, it’s all dinged up, vibes like a dual shock controller after all these drops (I play 5A, I drop a lot when I train new tricks, but I also train with my best performing throws if that says anything about the genesis), but it still can be trusted with anything that I throw at it.

I wouldn’t say the same about the avalanche, but for others, it’s also a must have, but after 2 years in the game, having a reputable blog and today my own yoyo shop, I’ve grown to not believe the hype that much. Brands such as OD or CLYW, or even YYF for that matters have a very loyal fanbase, and sometimes the fans can be biased, and when people spend $100+ on something, they usually don’t like to admit (even to themselves) that the money may not have been that well spent. So I feel that’s a risk when you ask for advice on forums.

But for some throws, you need to be more experienced to really enjoy what they have to offer, the MVP2 comes to mind, the “La Goutte” from Xcube, the ClashCube from YYR can be some examples of excellent throws but they will require a confident game to be used to their full potential.

So there’s that too

CLYW, OD, C3 are passionate people, they try to make the most exciting throws out there, and sometimes they succeed, sometimes they are less fortunate (even tho the quality standard for these brands is very high), not OD, CLYW or C3 are all equals. I’m taking those brands because I feel these are the most hyped out there (I believe anti-yo is now out of the picture, for now at least, even tho their viszilla was very fun to play)

There also are solid brands out there that do not benefit to as much hype but have been known to be constantly proposing high quality throws. First to come to mind here is Xcube, it’s a fairly recent (a little less than 2 years old) company that’s trying to release more original designs, arguably, they put the superwide designs on the map with the steamroller (which is one of my all times favorites).

For Xcube, you could try the ZeuS, which is amazing, stable, long spinning, killer looking
OD, I’d stick with the Code 1, in my eyes, it’s yet to be matched in terms of pure performance by other OD throws (personal opinion here)
CLYW, if you play for 1 month, you may want to give the arctic circle a shot, solid player. The chief is also a sure buy (plays floatier than the AC tho)
C3yoyodesign, you could probably find a winning bird somewhere, if you want to go hardcore, you could get an H5 (oversize monster, plays like a dream and spins forever), the master galaxy’s also an excellent player (definitely underrated)
YYR, that’s some pricey stuff right there, and most of the time it delivers, at least if you know what to expect there. Their full sized throws are amazing, the undersized ones are a little trickier to play but can be fun as well

You also got the young manufacturer “Diamont Noir”, I’ve only tried their entry level “ampoule” and it’s already amazing, I’m pretty sure their celestial and celestial deuxieme are complete beasts as the ampoule is based on the celestial.

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You gave me so many options. so this leaves me more confusation ???

The yoyo that i am looking for is

Oversized, light, floaty and so easy to learn whips and slacks tricks and to do long combos

Can you help me with that?

Oversize, you have much less choice

YYR Dreadnought (although it’s fairly solid, kinda in between) but you’re way over $120
Diamont noir are fairly big (I believe in the 57mm-ish kind of big), you should give the celestial deuxième a change (the lighter of the two)
Maybe give that H5/Chief hybrid a chance, the chief is a beast, the H5 is a beast, the hybrid should be alright

those are the “floaty-ish” oversizes I have in mind. if I had to buy one right now, the H5/Chief would be where my money would be, you get the brand(s) name(s), you’re pretty sure the thing will perform top notch, it’s easy to sell or trade and shouldn’t lose too much value overtime (even possibly gain some)

Full size -54/57mm- you got way more option

  • floaty, full size, high performance: Supernova lite by YYF
  • The Code 1 by OD is also completely wunderbar, can’t go wrong with it
  • CLYW Chief is an excellent throw and also looks stunning (if you get the right colorway :wink: )

if you want a full size right now, probably get a chief, it’s easily available pretty much everywhere, it’ll always sell or trade well and it’s a total blast to play

So the smart move today, in my opinion, is to go with whatever has “Caribou Lodge yoyo works” written on the box, if you like it fairly floaty, go with a chief, if you want it oversize, you probably can’t go wrong with the chief/H5 hybrid

you’ll get a genesis later down the road anyway, eventually, right now the chief is where it’s at. it may change in the next couple or months or so (maybe before that even) because the chief was released a little while ago, so you may or may not want to wait til you know wjat the first releases of the last trimester will be. But then, you’ll have to pretty much go on pure hype. The chief has earned its rep during the last few months, I’ve played it myself and I liked it a lot, but having an H5 already, I’m saving up to get one of those hybrids instead.

Too much information here. From what I have read - get an Avalanche. You have the luxury of actually being able to buy one right now for the first time in a while.

Buy one now.

Hi, I think I can give you what your looking for.
(There is a time for the “yoyos are just preferences discussion”, but that is not now.)

I’m going to tell you flat out some great yoyos that you will be happy with.
My prefrences are like you: full-oversized, light, fast, super unresponsive, etc…

bottom line is code 2 is awesome. It’s my favorite yoyo. It would be in your best interest to get a side effect that is lighter than the spike to fit your play style. My favorite bearing is the trifecta. Usually I like to hear others peoples arguments, but IMO this bearing is flat out the best out their.

I have tried an avalanche once about a year ago and all I remember was that it was great. The comeback/new avalanche is said to be “better” than the old avalanche. This also looks like a great choice. Not sure if the weight is light enough for you?

3rd: This is the side option. If you would rather have 2 yoyos get a capless(when it comes in stock) and a HOUR. 2 great yoyos that easily compare to $100+ yoyos.