Need help finding a yoyo!

I want to buy a new throw, but I don’t know which one to get…

Weight and sizes don’t really matter, but I’d like a fullsized yoyo with good sleeping times and good stability. My price limit is around 150$.

Do you have any good recommandations?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Bvm2 is great!

Truth. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this yoyo is; I was expecting blandness, but I really really enjoyed it.


To the original question, though: that’s far too broad. So many full-sized out there that meet your needs. You’re almost better off just browsing, getting a list of 5-10, and picking the one you like the looks of.

Well that’s kind of the problem…

I’ve been searching for a Sleipnir and Doomsday Genesis, but they’re all out of stock. I’ll maybe go for a Chief, but I’m not sure yet.

format:C, Krown, Electric Flash, Chief, BvM2, Irony JP ('12 or '13), Code 2, Amplifier plus El Ranchero, Luis Genesis, Spin Dynamics Flow…

And that’s just a few I quickly thought of. Your choices are many. :wink: Just buy one that you have some affinity for based on appearances and/or specs alone. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.



I’ll look them up when I have the time :slight_smile:

So I’ve searched them up and I narrowed my results down to the Krown, Chief, Format:c, Sleipnir and Berserker RX.

I think it’s going to be either the Krown, Chief or Sleipnir (if I can find one).

Keeping in mind that it’s all preferences:

I liked the Krown slightly better than the Sleipnir for that “genre” of yoyos (Japanese-style competition 7075). I don’t have any logical reason, but I just felt it had more of something “special” to it. Legions of people find the Sleipnir has that “magic” though, so my opinion here means jack.

Between the Krown and the Chief, they’re both very stable and plenty long-spinning (a comparison of spin time would be irrelevant since there’s “super long” and “really really long”… you tell me which is actually longer!). The Krown is more solid on the string, and the Chief is well known for its floaty feeling on the string.

So if you’ve narrowed it down to “probably” those three, then to me it’s a choice between solid and floaty.

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For some reason, I lean more towards floaty than solid, so I think the Chief would be nice (and also costs less) :smiley:

Thanks GregP, you helped out alot :slight_smile:

The overwhelmingly vast majority of people who have ever bought a Chief have been very happy. You will be, too. :smiley:

With so many good yoyos to choose from, “stability” and “long spinning” are not going to be areas of concern.

Don’t feel you need to use up the whole budget. My thing has always been saving money. Even with a $150 estimated spending buget, RecRev makes some really affordable yet amazing yoyos, including the “@” and sine//saw, which are under $70, and the Werrd Eighty-Six 400 at $65 right now. The Shutter at $45 I feel really needs a bearing upgrade to take it to “amazing” with a CenterTrac in it. C3’s Trident and Electric Flash give you budget room and are just fantastic.

CLYW is great stuff and well worth it. The Chief and AC I feel are top contenders.
One Drop’s Chik, Burnside and Code2 are perhaps their top models, with the Code2 being the leader there. I don’t have a Format C yet but it’s held for me.

GSquared is a brand to also not be overlooked. Their availability tends to in short supply. Look to the Triton.

Remember, the most important element is YOU. The yoyo is merely a tool, but finding the tool that fits you the best is part of the journey. Use any and all suggestions as starting points. Digest the data, extrapolate it to suit your developing or existing preferences and don’t rush into a purchase.

I really like the shape and colorways of the Chief, which are the main reasons I want to buy it. The specs don’t mean alot to me because I only played with 1 yoyo (dv888) so I don’t know what that 1 extra gram or 1 extra mm means to the way a yoyo plays.

But like you said, I’m not going to rush into this purchase and surely check out other models and manufacturers.

Just my personal thoughts on the dv888:
It’s a rather bland yoyo. It plays heavy and while is stable, one bad hit is gonna knock it off axis and/or knock it to wobble until you apply correction. It’s a great yoyo, lots of people love it. I’m not one of them. I am glad I have it though.

I don’t know what a gram extra or 1mm extra means to, unless I know where and how it’s added. Even so, it’s all in the play.

The Chief has been a proven performer. There are some people who don’t like it, but most people who’ve said they don’t like the Chief haven’t complained about construction, quality or other attributes. Those who don’t like to Chief are people that this yoyo doesn’t align with their preferences.

Two of my areas of hesitation:
1: With the price, you definately do NOT want to spend high dollars and not love it.
2: Where you are located, are there other yoyo enthusiasts? I’m a big advocate of “try before you buy”. Granted, I myself don’t often do this. I’m lucky. While I do have preferences, I also have no issue with stuff outside those preferences. Even so, there’s a few yoyos I flat out dislike. I’ve been fortunate that those models have been items I was interested in, but after trying them, I’m glad I tried first so I didn’t buy those. At the same point, there have been yoyos I wasn’t quite sure about, but then tried it and had to have it. Case and point was the Werrd time series, specifically the Eighty-Six 400, which I wasn’t quite sure on and the YYE pictures just weren’t working for me. Seeing it up close, the pictures were just odd-ball. Even better: the performance was amazing.

Well I expected more of the dv888 when I ordered it. I’m very happy I bought it, it helped me alot when learning the more beginner tricks. But now I do faster tricks (like skin the gerbil) it just doesn’t make it until the end of the trick because of speed loss or tilt/wobble.

  1. I don’t even think the yoyo has been invented here in Belgium, so I am alone on this part :wink: Most people of my class think my yoyo is broken because it doesn’t return to my hand immediately… :-\
  2. This is why I want a throw I know alot of people have bought and enjoyed. I think I am quite ‘safe’ with the Chief here.

Well I think, because it’s going to be my first ‘high-end’ throw, that it’s rather going to set my preferences than not align with them. Simply because I don’t have enough experience to know what I like and dislike in a yoyo.

Since you’re looking for something to “set” your preferences(that won’t happen), let me give you a few features to think about.

1: Shape. With so many shapes, figure out what you think you like best. I like V-shapes. The Chief is V-shaped. Still, there’s plenty of good H-shapes, and whatever you call the shape of things like the Barracuda, well, that’s some nice stuff!

2: Grinding. Think about grinding. You may not need it now, but you might want it later. Think about what grinds you want to get into. Finger grinds are fairly good, most yoyos can do that. Thumb grinds are easier with an IRG. Based on your skill level, I wouldn’t worry about finger spins. The Chief can do finger grinds good, but is a bit tricky to do IRG’s, but it can be done just deeper into the rim due to the “Chief rings”. The nub in the center interferes with finger spins. If you take a smaller size, the Arctic Circle resolves that problem… mostly. That portion of the rim is convex: it bulges out. On the other hand, stuff like the YYJ Titan3 and the C3 Electric Flash and MoVitation are excellent on the grinds.

3: Maintenance. Mostly I’m referring to response pads. I prefer stuff I can silicone, but it won’t prevent me from buying something. I’ll just stock up on pads. Any CLYW can be siliconed. So can many other yoyos. Just think how important DIY is and then skew your order accordingly. There’s no shame in buying pads. Bearings can be cleaned or replaced.

4: Experimentation. This is more trivial. With this kind of money being spend, maybe you want to experiment with bearings, but if the Chief is what you’re after, I am pleased with the flat bearing mine came with, but they now ship with CenterTracs. You may wish to also experiment with different strings. I’m really liking YoYoStringLabs Type X and Tristed Strings Trixtra. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with more affordable strings like Kitty strings and YYE 100% polyester bulk. There’s many other strings work trying. I got some Jack Rabbit strings at 2013 Nationals and I’m liking them.

5: Consider a pouch or holder or some way to protect your yoyo. I just like to keep my stuff looking nice whenever possible.

Considering you might get nailed hard for international shipping, you don’t want to make separate orders. Lump stuff together so it’s one box.

I can’t find fault with the Chief. I do feel that the C3 Electric l Flash would offer everything you want, need and save you money and still leave you in amazement. It’s certainly an item you will want to keep in consideration.

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Sounds like a Chief to me ;D

Yeah I think it is! :smiley:

@Studio42: I’ll look up the Electric Flash :slight_smile:

I tried an Electric Flash, and it is GREAT. The surface isn’t meant for serious grinding, but that’s common with a many throws. It does have one of the best IRGs in the industry. It’s very stable, and it lives up to Augie’s claim that it plays lighter than its spec. I would have no problem spending $110 on one of these.

You can’t go wrong with the Chief. Very few people don’t like it. It has everything, stability, spin times, speed, horizontal, float, solidness, grinds and almost everything else you would want in a 56mm yoyo.

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Sounds like the ultimate yoyo :smiley: