Need help finding a yoyo!

Here are some suggestions

Summit,Cliff,Chief pretty much anything CLYW is good

It is my favorite yoyo, for sure. Though note it can’t go as fast as a Sleipnir or Krown. That shouldn’t be a problem for someone relativly new, though.

My Chief is coming! :smiley:

Thanks to everyone who helped me :slight_smile:

supernova,sumit,chief,code 2 natilus,theory,meateor,phenom,hex these are all good yoyos 8)

You will enjoy it. The only thing it lacks is high speed. It’s my second favorite yoyo and the lack of super high speed has never been an issue for my throwing capabilities.

Like Yonut said, I don’t think the lack of high speed play will be a problem :slight_smile:
At least not for now! :smiley:

You wont be dissepointed