Choosing CLYW yoyo - [Merged]

I have been looking at clyw yoyos. I just don’t know which one to get. So these are the ones I like: the CLYW Arctic Circle, CLYW Chief, and a CLYW avalanche. I just don’t know which one to get. Which one should I get? And what are the differences in them all?

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What yos have you thrown and enjoy? All the ones listed are on the larger size. One of the nice things about clyw is you can always trade them for another. Any one of those throws you would enjoy. Personally, I like the avalanche the least.

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The Chief is very popular among almost everybody. Personally, I’ve owned 2 Chiefs (1 regular and 1 made from 7075 aluminum) and I own an Original Avalanche (not the Comeback Avalanche that’s sold now). The Chief is great all around, but I like the OG Avalanche better. It’s just much more stable and smooth than either of the Chiefs I’ve owned. I’ve never tried the Comeback Avalanche though, so you may want to just go with the Chief. I’ve never used an Arctic Circle, but no matter which way you go you should be alright.

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You know I wouldn’t go with any of these. Personally I’ve always liked puffin I mean it’s just a great all around throw it is undersized like the gnarwal but has an organic shape. However if you only want the ones you listed get the arctic circle because it has the shape of the avalanche and the double rims like the chief but thats just my opinion.

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I didn’t like the avalanche. It felt weird and heavy, kinda… But I hear from everybody the chief is amazing. You may want to look into the summit.

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I’m not gonna go on in details, but if I had to go down those three in order of preference:

1: Chief
2: Avalanche
3: Arctic Circle

I like full sized, the AC is a bit smaller and it’s a bit too fast for me, which is why the Avalanche is #2. Otherwise, it would be #3. All three are amazing. I actually do think the AC is the top performer. Fast, speedy, stable, horizontal superior due to no nub inside. The Chief has all that bit a bit bigger and a touch slower as a result, and the center hub.

The Avalanche was one of my first CLYW’s as well. Gnarwal was my first.

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I just got a chief recently through a trade and compared to all my other clyws it’s definitely top 2 so smooth

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One mans rubbish is another mans treasure. It’s all preference.

Your best bet is to try and get to a meet or contest and try a few out. I didn’t like the Chief or the Arctic Circle and was all but ready to give up on CLYW until I tried a puffin and absolutely loved it. Its all preference, your best bet is to try them out beforehand if you can.

If you cant, then I’d try the Chief. It tends to be the most consistantly praised, it just didn’t feel right to me.

Reviews mean nothing, but here are my thoughts on the Chief + Arctic Circle

You’ll only really know what one is right for you once you’ve tried a few out.

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The Chief is a nice one.

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…BvM2 is also amazing and a good alternative to the Chief.


Thanks @gambit! That really helped! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I fell in love with the cliff but it has taken a backseat to the bvm2 lately. Not to mention the bvm2 has taken a lot of tournaments here lately. I like bigger heavier throws more than most. I like to play a slower relaxed kind of play. I’m not a real techy person.

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Here is a small list of all the CLYW I’ve tried. Along with mini reviews. These will not go too in-depth so if you’re interested in a particular throw you should look up individual reviews. Keep in mind that my preferences may be different than yours. So take these with a grain of salt.

Avalanche: A little slower than the chief (Keep in mind that I had an OG one), but I found it more stable. Great shape, fairly solid player. I have a video of me busting out a 1 minute combo with this.

Chief: Pretty much the standard for competition level throws. The balance of speed, spin times, and stability make this an all around amazing yoyo. Fun to throw and it’s available in different weights. As well as almost a billion colorways. A fan favorite, and modern classic.

Arctic Circle: Like a smaller, more compact Chief. I really like the shape of the catch zone. Not the best stability, but a super fun throw. Like super fun. Keep in mind it has a national title under its belt. (If that’s what Zach was using. Not sure really)

Gnarwhal: Great little yoyo! The size falls right into my preferences, and it has one of the most comfortable catch zones I have ever laid hands on. A blast to throw. My favorite CLYW. Not for everyone because it’s a little under sized. Stability leaves a bit to be desired, but if you’re not sloppy this will be a non issue.

Wooly Marmot: 50mm is too small for me. Has major stability issues, but it’s probably a user error. Very light, floaty, and fun. Just don’t try learning anything on it.Unless you’re into that kinda thing. Nice shape.

Puffin: Like a bigger, better marmot. All the light, floaty, fun stuff the Marmot offers. In a bigger, more stable package. The shape feels good but looks kinda boxy. This is probably due to the huge width for its size. Probably my second favorite CLYW. Palli just won UK international with this I think.

Sasquatch: An OG Avalanche that adds 1 gram. And boy, does it make a difference! This thing is a tank on the string. With the spin times and stability to match. Very solid. If heavy, solid, and slow is your thing. Then go for it.

Bassalope: I had an A bearing one for a bit. Too solid and I just don’t like A bearings. It was an OK yoyo I guess. Felt like a bigger, more solid Gnarwhal to me. Didn’t like it too much.


So. I posted something like this I think a day ago. Most people said chief. Some said gnarwhal. But now I’m kind of interested in the CLYW x OneDrop SUMMIT. So the price doesn’t really matter to me. All these yoyos look amazing. Now I just need to decide which one. PLEASE HELP!!

Chief or Summit.

Forget the Gnarwal.

I say Chief.

Half the fun is trying new things. Go with your gut. If you love it, keep it. If its not everything you want in a yoyo, have some fun on the buy, sell, trade. There is no “perfect” yoyo. You’ll have more fun the more throws you try:)
The chief seems to be the most popular right now, so I’d start there. Personally if I could only have one I’d go with the gnar.

If you don’t get the yoyo that interests you the most you’ll always wonder if it would have been better

Without knowing preferences or features you’re looking for, posting such message threads isn’t productive.

Since money is no object, that makes things easier. Just get what you want.

@Studio42 I like kind of floaty, smooth, long sleep time, not too fast not too slow, and no snagging.