The best of CLYW

Hey people of the forum, I was just curious to see what people thought of the individual clyw yo-yos. I would like to see people put every CLYW throw they have ever tried in order from best to worst. What do you guys think? I haven’t tried enough of their throws to make an accurate list, so I just have to look at what you guys say.

make a list of all the Caribou lodge yo-yos you’ve thrown from least to greatest.

  1. Arctic Circle
  2. Campfire
    Those are the only two I have thrown and I only own the arctic circle haha.

By the way, your throw looks awesome!

I’ve got one of each model and here is my list. Keep in mind that i really enjoy all of them so this list was hard to put together.

  1. Chief
  2. Avalanche
  3. BvM
  4. Arctic Circle
  5. Marmot
  6. Camp Fire
  7. Gnarwhal
  8. Canvas
  9. Bassalope (small Bearing)
  10. Peak (2nd run)
  11. Sasquatch

Again I love all of them just some more than others.


  1. SB Bassalope
  2. Chief
  3. Sasquatch, Avalanche
  4. Peak
  5. Bear vs. Man, Gnarwhal, LB Bassalope
  6. Campfire
  7. Wooly Marmot
  1. Sasquatch
  2. Bassalope (large bearing)
  3. Chief (heavy run)
  4. Galactic Goose
  5. canvas
  6. wooly marmot (older runs)
  7. gnarwhal
  8. avalanche
  9. bassalope (small bearing)
  10. bvm

Something like that. I didn’t really like my avalanche, but then if was a gold nuggets. Not the coolest colorway. Im a fullsized yoyoer.

  1. chief
  2. avalanche
  3. sasquatch
  4. gnarwal
  5. Galactic goose
  6. Canvas
  7. Peak
  8. Wolly Marmot
  9. Bvm
  10. Bassalope
  11. Campfire

*havent tried arctic circle or glacier express yet …

  1. Gnarwhal
  2. Chief
  3. Avalanche
  4. Sasquatch
  5. Marmot
  6. LB Bass
  7. Arctic Circle
  8. SB Bass

I’ve owned all these at one point except for the Sas and AC. I love the Gnarwhal so much. It’s my go to throw. Even above my Sleipnir.

  1. gnar
  2. peak
  3. marmot
  4. bassy
  5. Ava
  6. BVM
    hopefully the AC I get tomorrow will top the list :wink:

best for what? performance?

2nd run peak
marmot (most recent run)

Edit: Oh, personal favourites

  1. canvas
  2. marmot
  3. peak (2nd run)
  4. avalanche
  5. chief
  6. gnarwhal

best as in your personal favorite

Because of different runs, it makes it a bit hard to judge but overall:

  1. Avalanche (all runs)
  2. Arctic Circle (lighter ver.)
  3. Chief (heavier ver.)
  4. Arctic Circle (heavier ver.)
  5. Sasquatch
  6. Canvas
  7. Chief (heavier run)
  8. Peak
  9. Glacier Express (prototype)
  10. Gnarwhal
  11. Wooly Marmot (all runs)
  12. Bear vs. Man
  13. Bassalope (both versions)
  14. Campfire

I didn’t include collaboration throws.
I also have not tried:

  • prototype Sasquatch
  • prototype AC
  • production run Glacier Express
  1. Light Chief
  2. Avalanche
  3. Sasquatch
  4. Heavy Chief
  5. Gnarwhal
  6. Arctic Circle
  7. Campfire
  8. Wooly Marmot
  9. Bear vs. Man
  10. Arctic Circle - Both runs
  11. Galactic Goose
  12. Peak
  13. Bassalope
  14. Canvas
  1. woolly marmot (a lot will disagree but who cares)
  2. light chief

*haven’t throw the rest but I’m sure I would love the peak since I love the marmot

  1. arctic circle
  2. Chief
  3. avalanche
  4. gnarwhal
  5. WM
  6. BvM

I don’t know if they could make a better throw then the arctic circle. For me it is amazing. I love large yoyos as you can tell by my ranking. Chief is great but again I keep going back to the arctic circle it is amazing get one so good.

  1. Chief (65g)
  2. Avalanche
  3. Chief (66g)
  4. Bassalope (large bearing)
  5. Sasquatch
  6. Arctic Circle
  7. Peak
  8. Bassalope (small bearing)
  9. Wooly Markmont
  10. Wooly Marmot
  11. Gnarwhal
  12. Canvas
  13. Campfire
  14. Bear vs Man

Wooly markmont

Avalanche is just clearly the best though…

2. Chief
3.Bassalope LB
4.Arctic Circle
5. Gnarwhal
6. Sasquatch
7. Marmot
8. Peak
9. Campfire

Have to go with the Avalanche for my personal favorite.Something about throwing the ave has me going back to it every day.

Arctic circle
Wooly marmot

Gnarwhal (my first CLYW and my favorite)
Chief (65g run)

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