List your CLYWs!

List all the Caribou Lodge yoyos that you own or have played in the order of which you like them. I have not tried any, so I cannot list. :-[

  1. Puffin
  2. Chief
  3. Arctic Circle
  4. Avalanche
  5. Canvas
  6. Wooly marmot
  7. H5 x Chief

This belongs in the Exhibition Section.

  1. avalanche

Here’s my CLYW’s, in no particular order. I’m not gonna try to figure out “most liked to least liked” order.

1: 2nd Run Peak, Raw
2: 2nd Run Peak, The Works.
3: Matterhorn Avalanche, Blue
4: Comeback Avalanche, Foxy Moss
5: Gnarwal, mismatched halves
6: Gnarwal, Clareview Station
7: Sasquatch, red with black speckle
8: Bassalope, small bearing, grey/pink acid washed
9: Bassalope, Large Bearing, Minty Mint
10: Wooly Marmot, 28 Stories
11: Campfire, 28 Stories
12: Bear vs. Man, Shark vs. Shark.
13: Canvas, Lost in the Arctic #4 Captain Crozier(1 of 18)
14: Chief, Musket
15: Arctic Circle, Yogi
16: Glacier Express, Copper Acid Wash
17: Puffin, Pekka Team Edition
18: Cliff, WidowMaker

That is all for now.

Currently in my possession:

  1. Chief (Meteorite)
  2. Chief (Meteorite)
  3. Chief (Asteroid)
  4. Chief (1st run, Silver)
  5. Chief (Blue w/ red speckle)
  6. Chief (Clareview Station)
  7. Chief (Canadian Tuxedo)
  8. Chief (Blue w/ gold splash in catch zone)
  9. Chief (Strawberries and Cream)
  10. Chief (Gold Nugget)
  11. Chief (FG Mischief)
  12. Canvas (Mr. Curmudgeon)
  13. Sasquatch (Team Edition)
  14. Avalanche (Matterhorn)
  15. Sasquatch (Purple w/ pink speckle)
  16. Peak (Chesterman Beach)
  17. Canvas (Dingkface)
  18. Bassalope (Queen Bassalope)
  19. Canvas (FG Minty Mint)

CLYWs I’ve traded away [from what I remember]:
-1st run Silver Chief (traded for a Clashcube)
-3rd run Dandelion Chief (traded for Gold Nugget Chief)
-Wooly Marmot (traded for that 1st run Silver Chief that I traded away)
-Glacier Express (traded for Strawberries and Cream Chief)

This will take me too long to list them all as I have owned several of the Chief, Canvas, Gnarwhal, Avalanche and Campfire. At one point or other I have owned them all and enjoyed each and every one. My fav’s are currently the Chief, Puffin and Avalanche. I love the AC, GE and Canvas too… My Gnarwhal seems to be getting less and less play these days… The only one I really did not like was the Sasquatch as it is too heavy for me… I am leaving out the Cliff because I only threw a proto and that was only for a few throws… I loved it though…

The search function is your friend  :wink:

Here is my list:

  1. Arctic Circle - heavy
  2. Arctic Circle - light
  3. Avalanche - ‘Comeback’
  4. Avalanche - ‘Proto’
  5. Avalanche
  6. Sasquatch
  7. Chief - heavy
  8. Chief - light
  9. Peak - OG
  10. Peak - 1st run anodized
  11. Canvas
  12. Gnarwhal
  13. Bear vs Man
  14. Puffin
  15. Wooly Markmont
  16. Peak - 3rd run
  17. Peak - 2nd run
  18. Glacier Express
  19. Campfire
  20. Marmot

Wooly markmont, chief, and Avalanche.

  1. Chief
  2. Arctic Circle
  3. Cliff
  4. Avalanche
  5. Wooly Marmot
  1. Chief
  2. Avalanche
  3. Wooly marmot

have had
arctic circle and marmot

I dont own any, but ive tried a Chief


If you are ever able to make up your mind on whether or not you like the CLYW Chief you be sure and let us all know.

I’m currently involved in mental turmoil deciding between buying a Chief or a Arctic Circle or an Avalanche. Don’t own any CLYWs as of now.

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I’m asking for an arctic circle. If I get one, i’ll tell you my thoughts. I’d rather have that throw than any other.

Drool is spilling into my lap right now…
Is that the yoyo you are going to use on january 1st?

What makes you prefer the AC over anything else right now Mister Yoyoguy.
(I spelled your name out to show ultimate respect.)

Ed, that throw is just awesome looking!


Personally, the arctic circle just seems more my shape/ specs.
Looks pretty ideal.