Show off your CLYW yoyos.

like the title says show off your CLYW yo-yos if you have them.
here are mine.

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Getting a Wooly Marmot in a week give you pics then.

The teal one is sick.

no pictures buut:

Hulk Smash Peak

i used to have a bvm, but traded for the peak lol.

I love this Campfire.

Wow, I really love the teal, I think I like it more than the blue :o

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No picttures yet But:

Fool’s gold pink/purple Acidwash Peak, Green Campfire, (Soon a Winter green Peak, probably coming in the mail tommorow.

1 of 26 :slight_smile:


a show-off thread should never die

Got enough Gnarwhals? :stuck_out_tongue: Nice collection

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This is the only picture that will ever matter unless Elephark posts one.

I’ll try to get a picture in later.
ZG Edition Sasquatch
Washed Out Team Edition Wooly Marmot
Campfire Coal


Hmmm… Gimme??

I want Elephark to post one… simply because i do not know what he has in store.

show off…


thats more amazing than bretts i think im so jealous

We need some more action in this thread! My CLYW collection isn’t nearly as impressive as Dafni’s but…


The Pyramid:

Table Shot:

Some Spinning Pics:

And of course… Every photo shoot needs an attitude shot lol

And if all goes as planned I should be adding a Sasquatch to the collection early next week. ;D


AHA! I have the upper hand now! lol. I have one Caribou Throw, but I hope to add at least 4 over summer :stuck_out_tongue:

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