Is Everyone Throwing CLYW?

Getting back into yo-ing and starting to notice that A LOT of people are throwing CLYW these days. Been gone since about 2010, when most people were throwing 888s, Y Factors and just about anything else One Drop. What happened here?

CLYW LIFE ;D everyne has there own taste.

CLYW is the topic of the town.

I own 14 yoyos, and a Caribou is nowhere to be found.


So it would seem. I used to love One Drop, but I might pick up a CLYW just to see what the hype is about.

The new ones are amazing! The Arctic Circle 2 continues to get better the more I throw it. I’ve only heard good things about the Bonfire. The Wooly Marmot 2 drops tonight as well!

I own 10. No CLYW. Good throws, not my taste.

I own 2 clyw ima be having like 4 or 5 coming in the mail and I have 2 monkeyfinger yos.
With other duncan yos and yyf ;D

I know, I’ll be picking up the Marmot tonight, looks really promising. If I enjoy it enough, I’ll pick up some of the others. I’ve heard Chief, Arctic Circle 2 and Bonfire are really good.

The Avalanche is really good and can be had for a pretty good deal on the BST.

I’ll check it out. Any other suggestions?

Im already gonna buy it yo

If you can find one, I like the Sasquatch. But, overall, I like the Sasquatch, Avalanche, Chief, Cliff, AC2, Yeti the most, out of what I’ve played.

Alright, right now my list is: Avalanche, Chief and Marmot 2. I might consider the AC2 if I find a good deal on it.

Dont forget to try the onedrop T1 ;D

One Drop!

YoYoFactory and OneDrop took a hit after the craze for undersized yo-yos vanished. Oversize became the talk, proven by CLYW’s Chief.
All companies make great stuff nowadays, however the success of the chief has put CLYW on top.

I don’t think I’ve ever even owned an oversized throw. I always really liked the feel of undersized. Suppose I will see when my Chief/Marmot 2 gets here. Ordering as soon as it goes on sell tonight.

Yeah, I like clyw. I usually grab my cascade or chief. It’s a daily battle. I love g2, they have been so awesome. I love my quake. To much. I never use it because I’m scared I’ll ding it.

Marmots are undersized right?