why do people like them so much what makes them different from other yoyos ???

Their yoyos are hard to come by and play well too boot, so having one is a bit of a status symbol and a ton of them is defiantly a status symbol. Also most people consider them very nice looking, as well as the whole team is generally pleasant people, and what not. kinda’ the whole package for a small company.
They really are not any different then any other yoyo really, same guts, and general make up.

What he said. And I to thought that it was really just a lot of hype and how could it be different but when I received my Arctic Circle I knew I had made a great purchase. Also the feeling of just opening one is like christmas morning. They are just really high quality and awesome throws!

To directly answer your question I would say it is just the quality and overall presentation of the throws along with it’s amazing colorways and CLYW is run by a great guy, Chris, who is very helpful and nice.

yeah but what makes it awesome ???

Everything that they just said makes CLYW amazing. What else is there? They have awesome throws, amazing colorways, they put so much time and effort into each yoyo, and the people that work there and the sponsored players are great. Chris basically runs the whole thing and does an amazing job of it. There’s not much more you can ask from them.

they just play really well and are designed so precisely. another thing that i’d like to point out is that they are consistent with how good they are. It’s like all of they’re yo-yos are really nice, unlike a lot of companies. with many others someone may really like one yoyo, but another by the same company might be mediocre in their eyes. with CLYW ever single yoyo they make is really good. chris really knows what he’s doing.

There’s no practical or objective reason for it. Other companies make yoyos that play just as well, some for less money.

People like them in a general sense because they’re collectible. They’re released in small runs, and are relatively famous for the interesting and limited colorways. This rarity factor keeps the hype train going and demand up.

CLYW? The reason they are so amazing is because they create almost an experience, which is hard to say for many other companies. They fuse art, playability, comfort, and style all into one package.

Because Chris, the owner, has knowledge of good Greek food. And he also enjoys sushi.

They melt down unicorn horns to make their yoyos. Plus, Chris eats leprechauns and then pee’s on the finished yoyos before he ships them. It’s a unique experience.

There’s a few different reasons.

I’ll outline a few:

–Each CLYW return-top is forged in the fires of Mt. Doom in Mordor. They are all infused with a bit of the remnant of the “one ring” and so they give anyone who throws them great power.

–Chris also cuddles each one on his pillow and reads them bed-time stories for 3-weeks before shipping them off to the stores so that they know they’re loved.

–Before being anodized, they all go through a maple-syrup bath to infuse them with the raw essence of Canada.

–There’s a CLYW time-machine that’s used so that Chris can go back in time and have Pedro-Flores perform a blessing on each one.

–The anodization is actually the run-off of melted materia. (I’ve heard rumors that there’s a Hulk-Smash edition that can give triple AP while casting Bolt3)

–Every CLYW return-top is forced to climb Mt. Everest by itself before it can be shipped out so as to not get too full of itself

–Chris mines for the aluminum himself - under glaciers 3 miles below the earth’s surface

–Chris uses old Bill Cosby sweaters to give them a good buff and shine before packing them in the boxes

–The boxes are actually the tears of giant redwoods up in the north that cry at the beauty of the return-tops they see.

These, and many more… are just a few of the reasons, why CLYW is such a rad company.

You may think I’m pulling this out of thin air… but I DARE you to prove me wrong.

You can’t.


This is the only true one.

I was always under the impression that Chris was breeding them. Only after they hatch and are weened for months they were then put up for adoption. Careful genetic match ups such as the Arctic Circle are the product of fancy dinners and long walks on the beach, between a Canvas and a Chief. Thanks Chris


One word: Art.

I was also under the impression that they are used as hockey pucks.

That was really hilarious Adam Brewster. One of the funniest posts I’ve ever read about yoyos.

Personally I’ve spent a absurd amount of money on my Arctic Circle and Chief. I’ve rationalized the expenses in various ways. The thing that stands out to me the most though, is these yoyos are like a chapter in the book of my life. I’ll remember these for the rest of my life and they’d be the type of thing you can pass on to your children rather than just buying them their own cheap toy. Its an heirloom like how some people have a dinette set or a collection of wooden tobacco pipes that gets passed on from generation to generation. This is a cool thing to pass on because its something that isnt all delicate…its something fun that you actually play with.

Also both of my CLYW’s are the 28s because I think its the most beautiful looking artistically done semi-mass produced yoyo. The only thing that might intrigue me more would be a custom Jason Wong colorway or something of that nature. These are really toys for people who also collect art (and I dont mean just the colorway but also the aesthetics of the throw its self) and as we all know, Art is priceless. Digital prints of photographs have sold for millions of dollars for example (source:

As far as performance is concerned I dont think they will really spin dramatically longer than lower priced throws but the sleep time, smoothness, ergonomics and stability are all top flight. If you are only concerned about finding the optimum price to performance ratio in a yoyo then I would probably recommend a OneDrop but if you’re feeling a little saucy go ahead and drop a ridiculous amount of money on a CLYW and you wont regret it. Absolutely zero buyers remorse.

Also if you just treat it like leasing a car (no dings or dents), you can pretty much resale it for around what you paid for it. I repeated that to my self many times while making the purchases but the chances of me actually selling one of these is nil.

Agreed. I see resale in yoyo constantly. The resurfacing of the Bape is stunning seeing as a new version is out there. I love my Arctic Circle it was a gift for Fathers Day and that makes it all the more special. Most of my throws I would not trade or sell. Although I will trade off the ones I did not receive as gifts or bought myself that are not my speed. The idea of buying it to sell it off to get the next big thing, I am not a fan. Do as you please with your throws.