why are addicted to CLYW?

just out of couriousity why is CLYW the biggest thing now? i dont get it can someone explain why these 100 dollar yoyos so popular?

Do you mean CLYW?

A combination of good play and a very large amount of hype.

Abby1371 makes a lot of typos :stuck_out_tongue:

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Addicted? No Enjoy? Yes

I do enjoy many yoyos that cost $100 or more however I’m not addicted. I often play cheaper yoyos including wooden fixed axles.

I will say this, $100 plus for a yoyo may seem like a lot but if you factor the numerous hours of enjoyment over years of playing it, in reality it’s quite inexpensive. Most people spend more on energy drinks, candy bars, and other things that aren’t nearly as good for them, including video games.

So…that’s how the $100+ yoyo spins for me! :wink:

i gotta get myself a fix-axle wood.

You are going to have so much fun if you do! They’re a blast. :wink:

Yes I make a lot if typos and noo I still don’t know why there so popular? and how can a Yoyo be more fun than the other?

How many, and what type of yoyos do you have?

not more fun, better for competition. Higher level of performance makes it easier do to tricks, and in some rare cases, makes certain tricks possible that were Impossible before.

Oh better for competition like how? Do they sleep longer do they look more flashy what? Yes there high performance I. Get that much by they price but how are they good for competitions?

Oversized, stable, and light-ish play (aka floaty) for a usually 66-67g yoyo.

they do sleep longer in general, but a protostar has all the spin in the world you would need.
They usually are smoother spinning, floatier in some cases, and overall more stable. some have beautiful anodization as well, like this.

Spinning shot

Only problem is, that’s a gelada.

So how does this make them good for competition?

CLYW has the right combination of:

A. History (they have been around for a while and are reputable)
B. Artistry (their yoyos are shaped/annodized very artistic)
C. Play (it speaks for itself)
D. Hype (yes it helps)
E. Collectibility (the biggest collectors in the yoyo world LOVE CLYW)

I think that about sums it up.


Lol!! ik, this is just the one with the most appealing ano (IMO) that i could find. haha.

This better?

ya it does. actually, this is really the only post this thread needed. darn. :-\

Oh my gosh do you not read the thread.

They are large. (Easier to land tricks, fit nicely in the hand) They are stable. (No vibe, smoother longer spin) They are fast spinning and floaty for fast tricks.

It’s the same way any one thing is better than any other thing.
Some cars are better than others because more work is put into them and they use better materials. Same goes for computers, jewelry, shoes, baseball bats, and so on until the world ends.

Do you have one yoyo that sleeps longer than your others? One that doesn’t get all shaky if you don’t throw it perfectly? One that tips over a lot when it slows down? One that lands on the string for tricks easier?

CLYW, along with the other companies that cost a bit more, think about all these things and work very hard to make the best yoyos they can.

Try and find someone who owns one and ask to try it. You will understand very quickly what the difference is between a medium- and high-end yoyo.