Why are CLYW yoyos so popular?


Why do yoyos like the bonfire, wooly marmot 2, puffin 2, etc., sell out super fast? They don’t perform as well as similarly priced Japanese yoyos, or many others. They use the same splash patterns over and over and charge $10 - $30 more for the better looking ones. Granted, their splashes look better than average, but that’s not saying much.

They all have the same organic/slight V cut shape. Their diameter to width ratio is always really low, when competitive models are moving in the other direction. It seems like they just tweak the weight/diameter/width specs a bit for each release, which releases occur more often than most companies of similar size, put out the same splash patterns plus maybe a couple new ones for $30 each, and they all sell out regardless.

What am I missing? Is a Wooly Marmot 2 better than the Positron 2, for instance? You would certainly think so given how they sell. Or are they just more “fun” because they have goofy parrots who like pizza and nostalgic wide organic shapes, etc.?

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Some of it is collecting, some of it is hype, and some of it is quality yoyos that feel good in the hand and play extremely well.


I’ve played every production throw they’ve made, and I can honest say that they’re all pretty good!! I wouldn’t consider myself a CLYW fanboy, but what draws me to them are their colors, and the players on their team. The players are very creative and awesome to hang out with, and they do a good job promoting the product. The yoyos themselves play excellent!!

I love Japanese throws, but playing straight up competition oriented throws when you’re just casually throwing isn’t fun all the time. That actually goes for any brand that has that type of yoyo. Sometimes you just want something that’s just fun, and relaxed to throw around. A lot of the time when I want something fun to throw around, I’ll throw the bonfire. I wouldn’t use it in a competition, but it’s a blast to throw around for everyday throwing.

For other people it’s all about collecting the colors. Who can get their hands on that crazy, over the top, BA colorway that’s limited, and “rare”.

Honestly they’re just awesome throws. It’s all in the name of fun.


Cuz they are sweet


That’s pretty much personal opinion… Have you actually tried those yoyos?
I’m good friends with Kengo and the rest of the YYR guys and they all really loved the Puffin2. That being said I am a big YYR fan and really like a lot of their yoyos.

Clyw was the first company to do splashes on modern yoyos and really popularized it, It’s been a CLYW thing since then.

I think you need to look at the CLYW shapes again…
The AC2 and the Puffin2 are designed to the dream specs for me and Zach for contests play so we don’t really mind what other companies are doing. We’re designing to the specs of our own players and the yoyos are good.

Again, that’s a preference. Wooly2 is definitely not designed as competitively as the Positron2 so you can’t really compare those two. CLYW has been around since 2004 and has gathered a big fanbase in the community with most people loving our products. We try to do things differently and we’ve always concentrated a lot on the fun aspect of yoyoing instead of just thinking about making the very best contest machines.

Also the Puffin is the national bird of Iceland where I’m from and is known for his beautiful beak, I thought it was the perfect name for my yoyo since It’s flies around fast and floaty like a bird would. The bird ended up being a hit with Chris and we were already doing CLYW mascot characters so we decided to add the puffin to the roaster. The Puffin character is actually based of myself so that explains why his passion for pizza is so much. I’ve been making pizzas for 6 years, have a big passion for it and would actually dare to say that I might be a better pizza maker than a yoyoer.


They are not all the same shapes they all have their own looks and feel
it sounds as if you never played with a CLYW before
you might see pics but not see them in real life to see they aren’t the same
but I guarantee they are as good as what your throwing.
I love the puffin palli its my number one player I play all day
And the puffin bird is awsome ;D
If yu held a wooly marmont 2 you might choose the wooly over the positron
I definitely would choose the wooly cuz I am a CLYW fan


They are good yoyos


I will totally take you in a pizza battle royal! Ive been in the pizza biz for a while now and can slap, top, cheese and bake to perfection! I work for Dominos currently and can even make their pizza taste good, and that is saying a lot my friend. Ha ha yoyo’s and pizza, you just can’t go wrong.

As far as the original post goes, I will tell you why I wanted a CLYW (my first would have been the puffin 2 but they sold out too fast for me, I will be ready next release to nab the color I want). First and foremost, their good yoyo’s as far as I have heard, and one could argue the best or not the best, but either way you slice the pizza it is still a darn good pie. Second, what attracted myself, a non pro who just got into yo-yoing was their marketing. Their characters are great, their cartoons are sweet, their color ways are cool. They market their product magnificently, and it is definitely geared towards younger hipper crowds. They seemed to have hit a “skateboarder” type niche IMO. Their…well lets face it, hip, cool, fun for all ages. I just feel their branding is what really sets them apart and ahead of the other companies by a margin.

This is why I want a CLYW and not a yoyo officer, rec rev, or G-squared. When I am good enough to have great specs for my style really make a difference in my yo-yoing I will then maybe consider another company. But until then CLYW just seems like the fun throw to have and for me and in my opinion most of the people buying them that is what really matters most and why they sell out so darn fast. Marketing baby, its all about the marketing.

You may be good enough to notice a mm difference in gap width or other differences in specs, but I just think to the majority of consumers out there buying yoyo’s it isn’t the most important thing. That Delirium drive Puffin 2 color was awesome, I will own one someday!

Thanks for reading my novel if you got through it lol.


Lot of people really love their CLYW throws (me included). If they’re not for you, by all means don’t buy them. I just have to laugh at all the crap people get for loving on a brand. That’s what it is: a good brand, good marketing, and a good product.



I’m in no way challenging your preference, but I am curious - why wouldn’t you use the Bonfire in a competition?

Although I don’t own a Bonfire, and haven’t even thrown one, from the reviews I’ve read it sounds like a fully competition-worthy model. Naturally, personal preferences can and do differ, but if you wouldn’t mind clarifying your statement, I’d appreciate it.


The Bonfire is absolutely competition worthy. Practically no walls, wide open shape, large gap, excellent at horizontals, spins forever. It’s a competition dream!


I’ve thrown CLYWs. I don’t even remember which ones because I was so unimpressed. They might be decent throws but at $130 - $180 they should be phenomenal. In my opinion they aren’t.

It’s kind of a matter of opinion as to their competitive qualities. Some have slightly better shapes than others like Summit and Arctic Circle 2 while others like Wooly Marmot 2 would fail. Mainly I draw this conclusion though by the fact that nobody wins major contests with CLYWs or even places particularly high except Zach Gormley, AFAIK. And his signature the Arctic Circle has a better shape than most CLYWs.

Were CLYW really the first company to do splash designs?

A) I find this hard to believe
B) It’s not really a good thing if they did. Yoyos used to look way more artistic like the Hspin designs for instance and now most of the North American brands are all about the same boring splashes and acid washes.


How can you guarantee they’re as good as what I’m throwing if you don’t know what I’m throwing? I’m currently throwing YYR Draupnir, YYR Laser, YYM Agonist, Auldey Ares Star, and Turning Point Prominence. CLYW yoyos are not this good. Maybe they’re more “fun” to some people but to me the most fun yoyos are the ones that play the best.

Bottom line…I’m not saying CLYW makes bad yoyos. The ones I’ve tried were relatively good and I’m sure the rest are too. But they’re also overhyped, overpriced, with stagnant designs, both in specs and artistically. In my opinion.

But the Puffin 2’s will be gone in a day or two, and the next CLYW will be hyped like crazy and it will sell it out in a few days as well. Meanwhile equally good or better companies struggle to move a handful of yoyos in North America.

@ Palli, I know CLYWs are popular in Japan too. I see them sell out quite quickly on the major Japanese sites. Japanese players love them because they differ from most Japanese yoyos, probably. But nobody is using them in their competitions.


I’m not a huge fan of CLYW. For some reason, I just don’t have any real affinity with their stuff. As for their popularity, it comes down to a combination of things, really. Despite me not getting along with them, objectively, they are still very good throws. Sure, they may or may not be as competitive as some of the top end Japanese stuff but the majority of throwers don’t compete anyway. Most of the splashes look pretty good (to me at least, obviously opinion will vary here). Chris, the guy who owns/runs CLYW, is an active contributor to the yoyo community, so that certainly doesn’t hurt. Most of their team members are equally cool and helpful. They get plenty of hype. And really, their throws aren’t a whole lot pricier than most of the other boutique/premium brands they’re directly competing against.

End of the day, people will buy things if they think it’s worth their time and money. As long people are willing to keep paying what CLYW are asking, it tells me they must be doing something right.



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I feel like I just replied to an almost identical thread recently. Probably because the entire general forum seems to be in a Twilight Zone-like loop where the same 10 threads about favorite bearings, string, lube, hype, lack of hype are just constantly reposted. If I recall correctly the last time I responded in this thread I said something like “because they look nice and play nice”. So I’ll go with that again. CLYW yoyos are popular because they look great and play well and the brand itself is well marketed.


CLYW is a fun brand. End of story.


Hard to say when you don’t even remember which ones you threw… Also it’s preference

Yes matter of opinion. Your conclusion couldn’t be more wrong.
Jensen won 44clash, placed 4th at worlds(1st in prelims) when he was playing marmots
Sebby won EYYC open,won US nationals,3rd at worlds when he was playing peak/bassalope.
Petr won czech nationals and placed 2nd at WFC with an AC2
I’ve personally placed 4th at EYYC and won 44clash battle championship with puffins.

But however in my opinion it’s a lot more about the actual player than which yoyo they use.

There are actually quite a few people playing CLYW for contests but most people just go with Japanese throws since most people at contests there are sponsored or are trying to get sponsored by Japanese companies and know the manufacturers personally. I don’t think it has anything to do with how good CLYWs are for contest use…


I don’t think any of the CLYW team members who make it to the finals at major contests (EYYC, World’s, various National comps, etc) ever feel hindered or held back by the product.

I can’t think of a single time when I’ve gone to plan a freestyle, looked at my choices and thought, “nope, that won’t do. I wish I could use brand/model XYZ”

That being said, different people like different things. We’re super happy that people tend to like CLYW as much as they do.

If people try it out and don’t like it, that’s okay. I don’t think we’d ever be mad at anyone for having a different preference.

BUT, if most people tend to like what’s offered by CLYW, then it means that we’re offering/promoting something that people like/want or at the least creating a desire for those items - and that’s just being a successful company.

I don’t see what’s there to dislike.

EDIT: What Palli said. haha.


Art, comics, unique!, team created throws, hold value well in BST, cool history, great team members, evolutionary progress (revitalizing their former popular throws), and chris (the owner) is a transparent easy going guy.

And for the record, people need to stop complaining about the prices, they are on par with high end japanese throws, and if you really want a CLYW you can get used fools gold for cheap


People complain about prices because all Clyw used to be $115, except for the campfire which was $75.