What makes CLYW so unique and popular?


I was wondering why there seems to be so much attention towards CLYW. Im not saying its a bad things but I am curious to why the company has a huge amount of hype. I think it might be the limited releases of yoyos, but One Drop does the same with some of their models. Please enlighten me.


Because everyone loves Canadians and because they make solid stuff.



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I’d like to find the answer to this question. I haven’t been that impressed with their yoyos, and their price point is pretty high. Maybe it’s all just hype.


This. Their throws are nice but not worth the price IMO. If everything they sell was like $20-$30 cheaper then it’s be alright. I like One Drop better in all honesty.

I think it’s because of how they advertise and how they are easy to obtain but still have that rare vibe to it. And the company as a whole is just portrayed as a fun, easy going company


If I had a dime for every one of these threads, I would be rich enough to fund a research project comprised of the smartest people in the world to find out why. In the meantime, because people like it.


This thread again…

There are a couple of their throws that really shine for me (Bonfire, Chief) and the others don’t do much for me. I like them because of their awesome colorways, which are IMO the best in the game. The other reason I like them is because of their players. They sponsor some of the most creative and innovative players out there. Are there better throws for your money, for sure. Are they a great brand to support if you want to improve yo-yoing as a whole, yes. Are they a great brand for collectors and people who appreciate “Art”, yes.


The players


Do I really have to bust out my cave painting joke for the 3rd time…?


To cut a long story short, the same thing that makes Apple, Nike and most other popular companys you can name popular. Clever marketing.


People like CLYW? News to me.


Topics like this will keep coming up when new members join and start throwing, so give the “Not this topic again” stuff a rest, not everyone has been here as long as others. Help provide insight or don’t but please don’t complain that someone posted this topic again.

I think it started with their color ways… paint, and anno jobs and the Peak which became an Iconic yoyo, combined with low numbers produced creates demand and they keep it that way. Are their throws much better than other throws? in my opinion no, do they have some of the best anno jobs out there? in my opinion yes, for the price point are they smooth as butter No, are there other companies that produce comparable yoyos for less? absolutely. It all comes down to what you like and what you want.

CLYW is a designer high end shop, somewhat like a 300 dollar pair of jeans… well the denim is pretty much the same as say cheaper jeans such as levis but the name on the butt is a designer name brand, and that’s mainly what your paying for.

Don’t get me wrong in NO way am I hating on CLYW I have several of their throws, but I am also not just a player I also enjoy collecting/trading/selling/buying I love the whole yoyo experience.

I would suggest getting one trying it and deciding for yourself.



I do have a Bonfire which is an amazing throw but I just don’t know what makes it such a good throw.
(I am new to this forum so I am sorry for another “CLYW?” thread.)
Thank you for your words of wisdom.


Because of threads like these


It doesn’t matter, its Canada Day, buy their stuff anyway.


As a long time selvedge denim enthusiast I gotta disagree (for the most part) with the denim analogy. 8)


A simple search before posting a topic like this would have pulled up the results. It’s just a matter of them realizing it’s an option


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.5% Canadian Bacon

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As a long time selvedge denim enthusiast, I think their quality and attention to detail in the design department merits the comparison.

If anyone is the Kiya of yoyo design, it’s Chris.


Your analogy is correct. Saying that $300 jeans use the same denim as other jeans is not.
Side note- really looking forward to Selfedge’s next RJB release. I missed the 106 in my size. Been waiting a loooong time


It isn’t a major mystery. They are very much like Apple in that they have made a quality product with a unique look and appeal that that has helped them develop a strong and loyal following. There is nothing negative about this analogy, a loyal following helps the company grow and I think we can all agree that we want to see CLYW grow as well as other companies like One Drop, General Yo, and G Squared who have also developed loyal followings.

The one problem people are seeing with CLYW is not unique to the company itself. They have zealots that proselytize the product and end up coming off as abrasive if you disagree with them.

At the end of the day CLYW is just a strong yoyo company with an impressive designer at the helm.