So what makes CLYW so popular?

What makes CLYW so popular? And don’t say hype. There needs to be a reason for that hype. When I want a CLYW, it’s not because of the hype surrounding it, it’s because I want the yoyo because it looks like a great throw. I’ve tried a lot of them, and sure, they impressed me, but they really aren’t worth the price some people are selling them USED. They can’t be that much better than One Drop, C3, YYJ, YYF, and other high end metals. So what’s the deal with them? What goes through your head when you choose to buy a CLYW over another metal? And please, don’t turn this into a fanboy thread.


I’m drawn to CLYW because a lot of there yoyos are floaty. If you notice the companies listed they dot haves great variety of how they play, most of them have that similar feel on the string. Still great throws but not for me. And I really like the theme for CLYW.

Also the new CLYWs with the Exchange rate between US and Canadian that makes them right around the same price as a lot of US companies.

Because everyone loves Jensen for some reason.

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I think CLYW costs much more than they should. I mean yeah, they have some of the best looking colors, but as far as how they play, it isn’t worth it. I have played only fold gold clyws because I just don’t have the money or want to pay so much for one.

I have wondered the same thing. They are smooth and look great. But to be honest, OD is the same quality for a better price. I think it has to do with the hype and the “limited” numbers they make available. For example…clyw had a black bip bop gnar for $185. Only 11 or so made…8 up for sale. Or the Yeti’s which are up for pre sale right now. I bought one. Thought going through my head was…I had better buy one now before they sell out. Am I excited about getting it in February? Enh… I think the “mystique” of the “Caribou Lodge” has a lot to do with it as well.

Quoting myself from a previous thread:

“Companies generally have to really impress me with a colorway for me to consider purchasing their product. CLYW makes awesome yoyos but what keeps me coming back are the colorways. Make a yoyo ugly and you’re not getting a dollar out of me, make it plain and it’s gonna have to be something real special (or inexpensive) for me to consider, make it look awesome and I’ll buy it now and worry about whether I like it later.”

Additionally, if I happen to not like a CLYW I purchase, I’m confident I can quickly turn it over and lose little to no money. As much as I like the quality and play of many YYF products, if I wind up with a YYF I don’t care for, I’m going to see it sitting on my BST forever until I feel like I’m giving it away just to be rid of it.

You say not to say hype but it is mainly that. If it is a fad, then people want to be part of the fad. So it is what all the cool people play and that is why everybody wants it. However, that is not why I like them. I love their yoyos so that is why I like them. Their yoyos are just really great and smooth and just fit my style. I’ve tried a lot of other companies so I’m not just saying that because CLYW is popular. People may have some other reasons but that is mine.

Fads go away^^^
CLYW isn’t a fad there fan base is only getting bigger.
Kind of like those little boy bands. A ton of followers and a ton of haters.

CLYW is popular because they are like a status symbol with their high premium cost in return tops as they call them.

In the world of any product, there are lower priced/high volume products and high priced/lower volume products. CLYW definitely has lower runs on their products and so they need to know what they are doing when they market, design, and manufacture their product to a smaller percentage of the yoyo community in order to make a profit. Other companies like YYF capture a much larger percentage because they mass produce out of China and so they can have lower margins to make a profit.

It isn’t anything about one being better than the other but rather this one costs more so it is “better”. Not that it plays better or is designed better but it merely costing more putting up as “luxury” item.

It’s the same difference with car companies or really anything out there.

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They play and look nice.

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True but yes. CLYW is like the Ferrari or the the Beatles (during their time) of the yoyo world pretty much


That’s why.

CLYW has the best marketing in the game. They have the best team players to promote their products (all those promo videos, tutorials, contest winnings, active social media, online contests, etc), they make yoyos in different colorways to make them more “appealing”, “collectable”, and to create a sense of “rarity”. Then, the fanboys rave about said products, which creates hype.

To sum it up, CLYW is so popular due to very strategic marketing and producing some pretty good yoyos.


Well, this is harder for me to answer, because it doesn’t apply to me as much. Out of a collection of a few hundred throws, I estimate only about 10 are CLYW. I recently got into buying them, but haven’t bought any in awhile.

My perception is that the popularity has to do with young people liking the Caribou Lodge theme, moreso than the Crucial, Square Wheels, Deadly Spins, or other companies based on a theme. Also, that is combined with collectibility,small runs in exclusive colorways, and assigning them catchy names. The guy running the company is a nice guy. And, last but not least…the yo-yos play very well. So, in my opinion, it is not any one reason, but a combination of factors that came together.

So, I list these reasons:

  1. The theme caught on with young people;
  2. Collectibility, small runs, nice colorways with catchy names;
  3. People like the owner;
  4. The yo-yos play well.

I’m sorry, [i][b]what?


Side track but am I the only bothered that the word Yoyo is in their name but they make return tops? Am I being punked? ???

Because of the peak…

^ Nail on head.

It’s like asking “why is Apple so popular?” or “why are Nike so popular?”

In the business world, it isn’t the best product that gets the money, it’s the best marketed product. Chris has marketed CLYW very cleverly and that’s why they’re so popular.

I think the question is a matter of perception. For me, the definition of popularity and brilliant marketing is…YoyoFactory. If I compare team, videos, Facebook likes, Instagram followers, store marketing and sales and promos and deals…that is what I see.

Not Juuust beca… Yeah that is absolutely true