Why should I buy a CLYW Yoyo?? How could it possibly be worth forking out $135+ for one when I could buy 2 cheaper top performing YYF throws? It just seems ludicrous. At that price point, they’re not even machined from 7075! I am going to need some very very serious convincing if I’m ever to buy one…

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ya know some people want a mercedes, and some people would rather have two hondas.

Alright; what’s so ‘Mercedes’ about CLYW?


Many people like CLYW; the company itself and the players are loved by the community

But they do play well, so don’t think the price is all hype.

What do ye then think should be the reasonable price for a CLYW?
100-120 like YYFs, OD, barracuda and most of the other smaller made in USA brands?

There’s nothing that makes them better than the others. If they fit your taste go ahead and pick one up and if not don’t.

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Yes, I think 100 dollars is reasonable. I would perhaps consider one at that price. I would pay more for 7075.

2 words//quality control

So what makes CLYW quality control better than say, One Drop (who makes CLYW’s yo-yos)? I’m not saying CLYW shouldn’t charge what they do, after all it’s obvious that people will gladly pay what CLYW charges. I just honestly want to know why you think CLYW’s QC makes them more expensive than OD.

not that I agree at all with the price point of those throws, but they DO release them in limited quantities which would inherently make their price point be higher than an equally-performing “mass produced” yyf throw. Personally, I prefer the play of a yyf superstar over most if not all CLYW throws I’ve tried. Most CLYW’s have what I feel to be the same shape anyways, spare a few.

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Gonna be totally honest here, the difference in performance between something like the Shutter/Cypher (best 2 values I’ve ever owned) at $40-65 retail and whatever premium CLYW, G2, OD or whatever at $95-155 retail is somewhere between minimal and nonexistent. If you don’t want to pay $135+ then don’t, there are a boatload of throws at a lower price point that you will likely enjoy just as much, if not more.


Turning Point or YYR any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

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If you have to convince yourself, or be convinced, that you need a certain brand of yoyo, you don’t.

There’s nothing wrong with having a price point that you are not willing to go above for a yoyo, or anything for that matter. I have a price point that I never cross. I like cash!

Let’s face it, there are so many incredible yoyos in all price ranges it doesn’t matter what you use as long as it works for you and you love it.

Made in America doesn’t have to be expensive, or does it?

It doesn’t :wink:

I totally agree here, couldn’t have said it better myself.

If we have to convince you to buy one then why don’t you just NOT buy one? Save us all the hassle.


It’s about the little things. Caribou Lodge puts time and effort into their product, hand assembles yetis, laughs about the industry, and treats it like what it is, a toy, instead of a job. I’m proud to buy their products and show my support.


LOL @ hand-assembled Yeti

My understanding is that the plastic molds are shipped to them, and then CLYW sands, tests, and assembles every one of them. Is that incorrect?