Thoughts on what the Cliff will be like and has anyone received the Presale straight from Clyw?

I got to play a proto that André had. It plays so nice. Unbelievable light for its size. Move quickly on the string and super comfortable in the hand. I want one for sure.

Is it a light yoyo or light for its size?

It is not a light yoyo but the weighting makes it play like it is light… The way Chris weighted it makes it play light and floaty but in reality it is on the heavy side… Not super heavy but its up there…

Who is getting one and what color? I am going to try and get a Conffeti edition, or a petr edition, if Conffeti edition run out to soon.

Widow Maker!!

My wife will hate the name. I don’t like the name. Too many good colorways this time in my opinion. Blizzard, Root Beer Blizzard and Concrete Blizzard all caught my eye. I am choosing Widow Maker as I like how the pink brightens it up, but it’s still mostly blue. I hope whatever one I get looks pretty similar to the one in the picture.

Still waiting on my grey bip bop…want it before yyes go out lol

Grey Bip Bop, Confetti and Widowmaker : )

Wait are you going to try and buy three?

For 165 bucks you can keep it… CLYW this is getting rediculous.

I love how their prices are slowly increasing upon each release lol… The prices are ridiculous. The Glacier express (which is overpriced liek every other clyw) has the same elements of the Cliff yet the Cliff costs $25-35 more…They will never get my business

I only buy FG to keep the price down :slight_smile:

The specs look amazing, shape looks great, looks like it combines the best elements of the GE, AC, and Chief, but that’s just too much imo. Let’s not forget that YYR and other high-end Japanese throws are primarily as expensive as they are because the US Dollar is weak, and the Japanese Yen is really, really strong, this makes Japanese exports, even yoyos, really expensive - same reason a lot of Japanese car companies and electronics manufacturers are moving a lot of production out of Japan. The US and Canadian are basically at parity, so there’s not that excuse. And actually at the current exchange rate, YYRs costing 14,400 Yen equals out to about $172, right near the Cliff. I get the economics behind it, i know they’ll sell every single one, and a lot of time and effort goes into the brand, but lately their releases are about $30 too expensive for me to pull the trigger on like i’d like to. The Confetti and Hulk Smash Fade are just lovely, but it’s the principle of the thing. People who get one enjoy, can;t wait for the reviews.

If you look at the GE splash/acid washes costed $165… Same as the Cliff. The Cliff colorways are all either splash/acid wash or speckle/acid wash… That costs more than the strait acid washes of teh GE that are still on YYE…

GE Rock Moss was green/clear acid w/purple splash cost $165
Cliff Hulk Smash Fade was green/clear acid w/purple splash cost $165

All of the Chief that were of the same ilk were priced at $165 too.

Chris has kept these prices consistant since the Chief… IMHO the newer CLYW (Chief forward) all play better and are better machined and packaged than the earlier CLYW…

the cliff is way too much for me right now. especially since i won’t play it for two weeks anyway.

But we all know Confetti is the best colorway and it’s $175!!! Better machined? Most were, maybe some still are, made by OD, no reason they should have been any more expensive than the other 10 or so companies who have their yoyos machined by OD and ano’d by Gruntbull other than a couple cross-border hops which at most should add $5-$10 per yoyo. Again i see no reason they should be cheaper, i mean if you’re selling them all then might as well price them as high as you can, there’s just not, in my opinion, any real quality reason for the price, just basic profit maximization.

Hulk Smash for me. Gotta pay to play.

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If you had a daughter youd want money too guys come on lol if its thirty bucks too much skip a meal or two or stop by soda for a few weeks.

But that ^^^ is for solid color yoyorecreation, their splash editions are 18,000 yen = $215

So there’s that…

I picked up a confetti. If you don’t like the price then don’t buy them. Simple as that. Crying about it doesn’t change the fact the Chris is running a business. I’d like for them to cost less too but it is what it is.