Opinions on the CLYW Canvas?

I saw on the CBC News Special that Chris posted on FB that the new Canvases were being boxed up (amazing colorways btw). I’ve heard some good and bad things about the Canvas. What are your opinions on this yoyo? I have so many yoyos that I want right now- Chief, Canvas, Supernova, Genesis, Majesty. And obviously, I cant get them all. I’m really into CLYW right now and would love to aquire more of their stuff. So, that being said, what are your opinions on the Canvas and how do you think it stacks up against other CLYW models?

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I really like it. It’s one of my favorites, but I don’t think it’s the best CLYW in terms of performance – if that makes sense. (Before I get stoned for that, obviously all CLYW are perform great, but I feel like there are others that play better: Chief, Arctic Circle, Avalanche/Sasquatch, what have you)

With that said, the thing that I really love about the Canvas (that makes it one of my favorites) is that it has a simple, classic design with some perks like nice thumb grind lips and schmoove rings. You’ll see people on the forums occasionally say that it’s a perfect version of what a metal FHZ should be. I totally agree with that.

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I remember when the Canvas first came out. I was really attracted by its smooth organic shape and amazing colorways. It was something different from the clyw line. I hunted for one for quite a long time. I finally snagged one at PNWR. I was actually very disappointed in it. Now, I don’t get me wrong I love CLYW (I have 8 of them), but I honestly feel that the Canvas is the least of all of them.
While it is very aesthetically pleasing, it falls short in performance. It lacks the spin times that I would expect of a yoyo of this level, and it is really quite heavy (a purely subjective assertion I know). While it was exceedingly smooth, it played very sluggish on the string, and the slightest bump would send it into a tilt. The Canvas is certainly not a competition yoyo. Notice that ensen Kimmett didn’t even use it in his world’s performance in 2011 some few months after the release of the Canvas. He used a Chief. Iam not trying to hype Jensen, iam merely illustrating its lack in performance. Especially considering that it is his signature yoyo.
Needless to say, I was quite disappointed with it and Traded it soon after.
The Canvas remains the only CLYW that didn’t live up to my lofty expectations.
I’m not trying to be the negative Nancy in your thread, I am just being honest, I and nothing is worse than being disappointed in something that you were so excited for. Considering the price that the Canvas will no doubt be listed under, I would suggest grabbing up one of those Chiefs that are still in stock. Now there’s a yoyo that lives up to the hype! You won’t be disappointed, that I can guarantee.
Good luck!

Why did I just trade for one…

Aww. Wow, now I feel like a jerk.
It’s honestly not a bad yoyo, I was just expecting a little bit more.
It’s a really fun player, and good for those lazy, and relaxed evenings of throwing. It’s just not a performance beast like the Chief is. You will enjoy it, and even if you don’t, it will fetch you a great trade later on.
Be excited for it. Just don’t spend 140$ on it. That’s all I’m saying.

Well, I have like 20 offers on it so i’ll get a good trade.

In the beginning I hated mine. I hated everything about it. It was just unstable, and the axle kep ticking me off. But, now since I’m more experienced I love it to death! I’ve gotten straighter throws. And it is the smoothest YoYo ever lol Well, I cant actually say that. But, it is dead smooth! If you are confident with your throws, Go for it! I was still very new when I purchased mine

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Ah, well yeah, I figured most of it was Jensen hype but I like organic shapes and those colors are insanely beautiful.

Also, my brother has a Chief, and I REALLY want one. He doesn’t let me use it alot though, it’s kind of his baby. And I understand, that thing is a beast. I just can’t seem to make up my mind on this buying situation. I don’t want to spend alot, but I really would like to own a Chief. I don’t know if I should buy it new or used. I want a mint Chief, you know, that amazing mint CLYW everyone wants to keep perfect. But I also want one that can be frequently played, and I won’t worry about dinging it. So that’s my dillema. A nice new Chief off the store or a played and dented chief off the BST… keep in mind I also am saving up for a General Yo Majesty. Ugh… this hobby is an expensive one lol

Sorry I threadjacked my own thread lol

See, opinions on yoyos are purely subjective. He may get one and love it to death. I’ve just gotten very picky on what I look for in a yoyo and the Canvas just didn’t do it for me. I’ve heard the same from other people as well. I still say you can’t go wrong with a Chief. Hehe.

Get a brand new Chief, (unless you can find a mint one on the bst, unlikely) [ it will be the best investment you make in this hobby. You will never bore of it, and you can say it’s yours and only ever has been YOURS. Lol.
And yes it is an expensive hobby. I’ve probably spent thousands on it in the last two years, and but it’s more than worth it. Countless hours and hours of entertainment, not to mention all the friends I’ve made. If I could go back in time, I would probably do it all again, Worth every penny.

I feel the same way. I got a Lost In the Arctic and I had high expectations. It doesn’t live up to the price in my opinion. Good? Yes. Fun? Yes. Great? No. It’s like it wants to be a Peak, but kinda crapped out at 75% or 80%. I just feel it doesn’t live up to the CLYW heritage and expectations.

I’m glad I have it, but it feels like a $100 CLYW at best, not $140 or more.

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I have no idea what you guys are talking about! The CLYW canvas is a fantastic playing throw, great spin, nice comfortable shape! Mine played like a beast!

It’s all a matter of preferences.

I would not pick the Canvas for my first or one and only CLYW. The Chief is a better bet if you can only have one.

That said, I love the Canvas for its ease of play and comfort in the hand as well as on the string. The Canvas is a great yoyo to play when you are just practicing things that you are already comfortable with. Kind of like that favorite coffee cup; or favorite pair of jeans. I find myself sometimes staring at my assortment of YYR, Turning Points, Chiefs, YYR, YYJ…, etc and I still reach for my Canvas when nothing else moves me. There is comfort in predictability; and the Canvas is it. If you already have a few CLYW’s - a Canvas is a fine addition to you bag that will be unlike anything else already there.

I love the Canvas. Smooth, nice shape. I hated it at first because of its terrible weight, but you get used to it. and that’s when it becomes an awesome throw. you just need to stick with it.

I just flat out love the Canvas. Love it. I have two of them. I paid full price for two of them brand new. A first run LSF with the Jensen sig and a Lost in the Arctic one as well. It’s very smooth. It’s very organic. I never noticed anything about its weight. I do not feel that it plays heavy. I don’t personally have a single problem with this throw. It’s unique in the yoyo world. Like SPYY said recently in their Orbitron 5000 description, all yoyos today are pretty much one basic shape/idea. The Canvas isn’t like that. Maybe it’s overall design isn’t “competition” worthy, so what. The thing is awesome. After watching the video where Jensen plays horizontally on it in order to prove you don’t need an H or V shape to throw horizontals I started exclusively using my Canvas to make me that much better at horizontal play. My red Canvas grinds forever. FOREVER. Thumb, palm, finger, arm…you name it, the Canvas’ll grind it.

This throw is sweet. Yes, it got hype because of Jensen. Deservedly so. Like I’ve said before, if I’m playing for speed I’ll use a Wooly Marmot, if I’m going for big tricks, string wraps, stuff I likely won’t catch, I’ll use a Chief or an AC, if I’m going for overall comfort and control I’ll use an Avalanche, if I’m straight up playing for fun, I use a Canvas. I love this thing. Everyone has an opinion one way or another, but my two Canvases exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to get my hands on another one.

Not to mention the art. They’re all unique, they’ve all got such cool images…we all collect all these CLYW throws and turn them into collectors items based on what colorway we get or what run it’s from. The Canvas actually has different art each run. Not just colorways, but art. They’re awesome.

My least favorite CLYW by far. Just way to expensive for fall short performance. I understand that the “Canvas” was ment to be a canvas for Jensen’s artwork witch is amazing by the way but all I really care about is performance.Remember one thing though, looks sell. That is a fact and that yoyo sold quick and then people didn’t like the play of it and it grinded to a halt but it still has an ok to very good trade value since Jensen is behind it.

Now I am not against a comfort throw that has soft curves and is just all around relaxed but the canvas just didn’t do it for me. The first time I looked at it I just said, “That doesn’t look like it will play that good”, and for me that was spot on. I didn’t want to have a bad taste in my mouth before I even tried the throw and I tried to keep an open mind to it as well.

Probably my biggest gripe with it is that it tilts so easily. If it didn’t spin as long as I wanted but was still stable then I would probably have liked it a lot more. I am all for a good comfort throw that isn’t a performance machine (SPYY Addiction for example) but the canvas for me just wasn’t that.

I am glad that I got to try one of course but as far as want to own one you can count me out. I have had plenty of canvas offers (some of witch were great looking and rare) on the bst but I just couldn’t take them. Like I said above I just really care about performance, if it looks good as well as plays like a beast then that is just a plus. Just my two cents worth on the subject.

It’s the only organic-shaped yoyo I’ll throw. It’s less stable than the rest of the yoyos out today, so it forces you to adjust to your tricks, instead of your tricks adjusting to you.

I love mine, but the price is a little too steep for ‘performance’ of the yoyo.

This thread put me in a serious mood to play my Canvas.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

The Canvas is everything the Metal FH was ever supposed to have been or ever could have wanted to be.

It’s a FANTASTIC 5A player. Super wonderful for regens and smooth play. Spins great, is super stable, and is a piece of art - each and every one.

You might be disappointed, but if you are, your feelings would be betraying you.