CLYW Canvas release

CLYW Canvas releases 9pm EST tonight!!! Who’s getting one?

I’m gonna try to if they’re not too expensive

probably 115$


I was gonna buy one…

What!!! ??? ??? That’s too expensive for me…

We can wait for the exchange rate to change, but right now it’s real close to the dollar.

Birthday… Is… TOO… LATE! Why birthday?!

wait… is it here at YYE?

it’ll only be for sale at clyw’s store for the initial release. I think yyn and yye are going to get a later run.

new update from chris and jensen, its gonna be $135 for the solid color ones, $155 for the acid wash

They have many different price points.

Another price drop:

$150 for acid wash

Keep dropping, I might be able to buy one!

Lil Scrappy Fetus on the way.

I snagged a Potato Hurdles CLYW Canvas!!! I can’t wait!!! I literally sat at my computer and ordered one the second they released (and it was worth it too because the Potato Hurdles edition was sold out the next time I checked my computer 30 minutes later).

They sure look nice but are a bit out of my price range. You can pick up some nice Peaks in the BST threads for that. You really can’t go wrong with CLYW though.

I got the first potato (donut) hurdler. I’ll write a review on it, which should be thursday because chris said hell ship wednesday, and I live close.

I tried to get a gold owl one, but I wasn’t at home, so I asked my mom to order it for me. By the time she got all the information and whatnot put in, they were sold out. :frowning:

this is off topic, but, i love it that our dollar is better than yours right now… it’s like justice.

Wait… Are you saying the canadian dollar is higher? Cuz it isn’t…

thats straight hate. sorry but the number doesn’t make the value. wow. my roommate is from canada, i love it! but not your comment. straight hate.

and justice? what the what did the great America do to Canada?

noone can really argue this, sorry. why do you think the number is ‘translated’ as pay pal says to American? thats literally hilarious. canada is awesome but america… also awesome.