Canvas questions

I don’t know, I’m simply curious. What is with the Canvas? It seems to be the most availble throw on the BST these days(as in for sale). I’m a huge CLYW fan and I love my Chief, Sas and Avalanche.I never bought into the Canvas hype and have never throw one. I’m begiining to wonder if it was the black sheep of the the CLYW family.Was it a burn? Do I even want one? Should I buy one?IDK. What do you all think?

I love mine, and I have tried all the Clyw throws, up in top 3.

Really? I believe you, but I never seen any kinda Canvas luv on the forums and was wondering why. Bring it on people.

The early runs were pretty ugly with terrible art, engravings, and colors, so those are usually the ones you see up there. The nicer unengraved splashes aren’t near as common. As far as play they’re just ok, it’s a classic shape and plays like it, other than the cut out around the response they’re not super special.

Good response.Thank you, I realize/recognize that when it comes to the playabillity factor no one seems too be putting the Canvas on the top of any list. Question, is, was it “Jensen luv/hype” or possibly just a dud yoyo? What if anything puts this throw on top of any ones list? No CLWY hate here, imma wonder why I should like this particular yo.

We know it’s true that the design of the yoyo was “compromised” for lack of a better word, just so that there would be a large space for art. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but when a yoyo’s mission is to allow for pretty art, that doesn’t sound like the makings of a winning player. It seems that most people feel it was ultimately underwhelming…of course, you have to consider they’re comparing it to the Chief and Peak which are performance benchmarks in their particular price and size range.

But, if it makes sense for any company to have a collector-focused piece it’s CLYW. I’m sure Jensen would have no trouble putting in awesome performances with a brick on a string, so the play was probably fine, if not one of the best CLYW has done.

I ma be totally honest with you … Just get one and find out for your self lol

But seriously … I had one n I didn’t keep it for long cus it didn’t stand out to me … Not like the chief …

I got one from the bst n was able to sell it afterwards … With any clyw it’s kinda risk free cus u know someone wants it lol.

I am getting an arctic circle. Hopefully it plays well … let’s see how well it meets my expectation … If not bst ftw :slight_smile:

“ultimately underwhelming.” That’s was I talking about. Was it? I want one so bad but I feel it may just be a palette for bad art as opposed to any kind of enterprise throw.

I don’t think anyone can really tell you whether or not you’ll like it. I’ve thrown one for about 10 minutes. It’s not awful. It’s not my favorite CLYW, but it’s fine. Certainly not as if CLYW just made a terrible playing yoyo in order to put art on it.

I just didn’t think it was terribly interesting. The Chief, Marmot, Peak, and Gnarwhal (those I’ve owned) all are pretty unique feeling among their direct competition. You could easily hate them as much as love them. I don’t really remember all that much about playing the Canvas, by contrast.

If you play one and don’t like it, I suggest trying it again on a concave. I remember it made quite the difference when I had one.

I like the canvas, I don’t think its a dud just don’t expect it to play like a chief because it won’t.

I feel let down by the Canvas. I’m glad I have it but the $150 price tag, it doesn’t play like a $150 throw, more like a $50 throw. I feel my Peaks run circles around this. It’s like they started from a Peak, smooshed down the spike to make the “artist’s canvas” area in the cap-zone and then said “well, good enough”. No, it wasn’t.

It’s a decent performer, but it isn’t great. It’s not the type of performance I expect from CLYW, and definitely not at the proper price point either. Most people who’ve played mine agree with me to some degree. They all feel it doesn’t perform up to the typically CLYW expectations.

Dud? That’s a matter of opinion. Jensen hype? Maybe a little. Do keep in mind not everything that be amazing.

The Canvas wasn’t aimed at being anything fancy or for super competition. We basically just wanted to make something that played well, had no frills and was a classic comfy shape.


Haha theres always debates aver CLYW throws and chris swoops in and shuts everyone up.

I don’t think he is shutting anyone up … He is just saying that the canvas was not focused for competition like the chief …

This thread might help people who have not thrown either chief or canvas … To decide which to go with …

I put it a weird way. I just like how i see everyone arguing over things and then he comes in and clears something up. Idk hard to explain yet so simple

My name is Canvas Express and I am the new-age Peak.

Do those two halves actually play well together?

The canvas is a comfortable classic shaped throw. It feels a little like the peak on the string but ultra smooth. I find that it benefits greatly from a concave bearing. It’s very different from the rest of the CLYW line but is a great player. Just my opinion.

I know what you mean … I am glad that he clear things up …not a lot of people do.