Post all CLYW Canvas pictures here! They are works of art and deserve a thread! :smiley:


Ninja Hurdles Wolf Canvas


Her is mine…


even a plain ol’ first run grey canvas?






Especially you. Screw you. Stop taunting.


pic of my yoyo in my closet


Apologies for mildly necro-ing this topic. Just found it though and it’s a wonderful idea so I thought I’d share my three Canvases.


Soooo jealous of that Littlescrappyfetuscrew Canvas! Nice collection!


Here is a better and updated pic of mine. I am SO happy I picked this up. I had two when they were first released and sold them… Now that I have another I am very happy I do. It is just a all out fun yoyo…


I’m soooooooooo jealous of that Blizzard








The best looking Canvas in the world!
In my un-biased, truly objective opinion; of course.


With certain yoyo models I am heavily biased towards solid color anodization (though the BB always looks good). The Canvas is one of them. The design just lends itself well to the minimal treatment.


I’ll take twenty of those.


I do have to say that might be the best Bip Bop I’ve seen on anything so far…


OMG !!! That is a real work of art you have there !!

Well played yoyogeezer… well played.


All things Hulk Smash :).