Clyw Canvas

Does anyone know anything about it?

Its Jensen’s Sig. Thats all I know.

here a first picture and a Kimmitt test video

Think of the Canvas as the Avant Garde except organic shape and ten times better. There is plenty of pictures of that throw to get a general idea of it.

The Canvas is undersized similar like the Marmot and has a organic shape. To be honest you could even think that the Canvas is the next evolution of the Marmot. This throw has a undercut to it as well as a hubless design. Having tried one at Worlds, I can say the hype is worth it. Its not meant for competition use though, but it has this artsy classic feel to it.

The hubs are meant to be flat so that Jensen can do various design work on it ergo why it is called “Canvas”.


Too bad I don’t like undersized yoyos. Though I guess I’d have to see a profile shot.

played one and loved it.SERIOUSLY they are great.

NO!!! don’t say it’s worth the hype, you’ll jinx us all!!!

Enjoyed the B!ST video much more…


What JHB said :smiley:

Wow guys, thanks so much. I really want a Jensen yoyo, and heard this was being made. Just one noob-ish question, what does organic shape mean? Also, when should this yo come out?

                                         Again, Thanks!  ;D

organic means "rounded, it also fits in the and better, a good example would be the FHZ it’s basically all curve, versus say a superG, which has no curve at all.

I beleive it is the same spaces as the peak.

Decent size write up at the link above.

Just saw the new information and pictures in my feed, I was like “EEEEEEEEEE!!!”.

Everything I see about the Canvas so far, I like. I just need to know the weight before my interest in CLYW is revived.

^^^ said that it is the same size of the peak and weighs 66 grams.

Jensen Kimmitt is doing original art on them, too.

Same size as Peak in terms of weight, width and diameter.

Anyone know the release date? I really want one of these as my first CLYW.

I think around the chiefs release (or same time) which is late september early october


Cool thanks, do you happen to know the price range? Thanks so much. ;D