CLYW Canvas Review

CLYW Canvas Review

The Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works Canvas is a yoyo designed with the help of Jensen Kimmet, a winner of the WYYC in 2010. (So it must be good!). It is his 3rd signature series. I am really excited to try this yoyo since it is my very first CLYW yoyo, and because of all of the hype that surrounds the Canvas.

First Impressions
The Canvas comes in a small brown box with the CLYW pickaxe logo on the top. That’s it. Nothing on it says canvas, and there is not Jensen’s signature on the box like I’ve seen on other Canvases. The yoyo itself was gorgeous. I got one of twenty Pinkerton Canvases and the black splash was really nice on this pink yoyo. I couldn’t wait to throw it!

Diameter: 2.15 in
Width: 1.625 in
Weight: 66g
Response: CLYW Snow Tires
Bearing: Size C
You will notice that the Canvas has a unique v-shaped groove near the response. The purpose of this is to cut string friction and center weight by separating the high wall from the low wall. I think it’s a cool twist.

A good word to describe the Canvas is maneuverable. This yoyo is not floaty or heavy on the string. It’s hard to describe since it’s in between, because you can feel it on the string, but not very much. On a good throw, this yoyo is dead smooth, however on a bad throw there might be a little vibe present, but I’ve heard this is standard on some CLYW throws. On a bad throw the yoyo seems to correct itself as you get through the trick, which is nice. But the Canvas is not your yoyo of choice for horizontal play due to this. It glides across strings, and the shorter gap width is nice during complicated hops or pops since you won’t land on more than one string unlike other yoyos with huge gaps. Grinds are amazing, due to the great finish, and thumb grinds are possible. The Canvas is maneuverable on grind transfers, too. I’d say it’s pretty versatile since it is easy to play it fast or slow. And when you bind it back up it never whacks your hand due to its comfortable shape.

Final Thoughts
This was my first CLYW, and I can tell already how different it is from my other throws. Not necessarily better or worse, just more unique. The Canvas is just about everything you would want in a yoyo (minus horizontal play) and it looks great, too. It is my yoyo just to have fun and come up with new tricks. The big question was: Is it worth the money? I think that since mine is 1 of 20, yes. However, as far as how well it plays as a yoyo, you could get yoyos that play just as good, probably for less; it just won’t be a Canvas. :wink:

Comments and constructive criticism encouraged! :slight_smile:


Great review, dude!
Makes me want a Canvas even more.

Really nice review thanks!!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I just received a OD ten ball bearing and put it in the Canvas, and wow, it is like playing with a different yoyo! Now it plays very quiet, and it is hard to tell how much spin is left during a trick since it is so smooth, which is something new to me. IMO this bearing beats the standard one the Canvas comes with.

Nice review. Thanks for the time.