Canvas questions

I think that the Canvas is an awesome organic throw. Is it as “good” as the Chief? For what? For just casual, comfortable throwing, the Canvas is as good as BvM. Would I use it for competition? Probably not - only because the Chief is just so stable and so forgiving - it makes my sloppy throws look good. I would, however, take a Canvas over an Arctic Circle in a heartbeat. Just my opinion.

I would also agree that most of the Canvas’ for sale are the ones that are single-color, dinged or engraved with morbid images. I do not see many splashy Canvas’s for sale. I have a Bip-Bop Canvas that you won’t get from me unless you pry apart my cold, dead fingers :slight_smile:

The Canvas is my first and only CLYW I have ever owned/played, and to me it is great, probably one of the best if not my best throw. It’s very smooth, has excellent spin times, grinds great, and looks nice. The thing about it I don’t like is the price. IMO it plays like a hundred-ten-dollar yoyo, not a $150 yoyo. If you have a Chief and you try this you might feel disappointed because it doesn’t compare well, it’s really different. When I switched out bearings from stock to a tenball it made a big difference in play, and other bearings probably change the feel of this yoyo even more. If you have a chance to try one, definitely do, though.

Hmm interesting… U put the canvas over the arctic circle? I’ll find out soon if I feel the same…but what I read about AC … It should be up there with my chief…Can’t wait.

I absolutely love my gold with purple splash canvas but i dont thinks its a throw for everyone a lot of the new players never played the pyro fhz or other classics as their main throw and dont have alot of respect for old school yoyos

The best.

I love my 1st run grey canvas. It does play similar to a peak but smoother (heard this a couple times, and I have to agree with it)
It’s not a no bells and whistles strictly made for competing yoyo, it’s for casual use.
yoyoing’s not just about competing and being good though, it’s about having fun. And is the canvas fun to use? You bet it is.

I have a Bad Look edition Canvas, series 5 to be exact. It is awesome. It plays so chill, not too floaty, not too solid. I love it so much that I’m probably going to be picking up a second on the BST for a carry-around throw.

The thing I like most about the Canvas is that it is not a “competition” type yoyo. I love the organic feel. It’s different than every other throw in my collection. I have 2 of them. A LSF and Lost in the Arctic. When I want to have “fun” I play with a Canvas. The first run LSF is one of the best grinding yoyos I have. The Lost in the Arctic is my only yoyo with a frozen zombie man picking his own brain with a fork, so yeah, I love it a lot.

^^^ Hard to read, but a great point. I started out with a really strong preference for low-walled yoyos because they are much more forgiving. Now that I’ve gone back to playing some classics like the FHZ I can appreciate what that type of shape has to offer. Classic rounded shapes are fun, comfortable, and add a little extra challenge because you have to be more precise.

The Canvas and Peak are the same dimensions but the Peak is heavily rim-weighted with more momentum but less stability. The Canvas is more stable due to the v-groove but the weight is evenly distributed which makes the play feel slower than the Peak. The Canvas is not particularly exciting but it is a lot of fun. Once I forgot how much I paid for mine and dinged it then I started to really like it for what it is. It’s a classic and I enjoy throwing it more than my Peak (!).

Hi CLYW, request: Sid Seed Canvas :slight_smile:

I didn’t like the way the peak played … Which is probably why I didn’t like the canvas … Since some are saying they play relatively similar … wish I had both at the same time lol

I guess I am use to the chief? Even though I am not a competition thrower … Hoping to get the arctic soon.

N really looking forward to glacier express… Wonder what that will play like ??

This is funny to me as the Canvas is shaped like a Torrent 2 and a 54 (more like a T2) Its a classic shape. It plays fine and is smooth as all heck. I have had two and they were some of the smoothest yoyos I have ever played. Ive NEVER played a peak as smooth as a Canvas. But again is smoothness what “makes” a yoyo. In many circles it is, and some not. For the $$ is the Canvas worth it??? well thats hard to say… I do not have mine anymore. Ive had every CLYW and my only one left is the Gnarwahl (my fav CLYW) It has a slight vibe but its a beast of a player and suits my style. So back to the beginning. Its all about what you like as a basic shape and size. Try it if you like it great if not trade it or sell it. Ive had too many yoyos to mention in the last few years. Every One Drop, CLYW, General Yo, Vs Newton. And so many more. At the end of the day they all are smooth and they all play great it comes down to preference. BTW I only own 8 yoyos now. 7 One Drops and one CLYW. To me the One Drops play the best. Y Factor, 54, CODE1, CODE2, Dietz and Sov = Awesome. JMHO

Okay, I’ve seen waaayyy more Code 1’s and Code 2’s more than anything else on the forum.

The BST is flooded with them. Which makes me reluctant to buy them and makes me think they suck, but I doubt this because they are OD.

But still, same with the Canvas, it just makes you wonder, is it good?

i prefer code1 > code2 … just me … still have them both

A lot of people are just looking for money. They know people will buy Code 2s because people want them.

It’s all preference - of course…

but for me, the Canvas is what the metal FH0/FHMG always wanted to be, but never was.

It’s a fantTASTIC throw for 5A. Regenerates as clean as a whistle and still spins long and true.

Is it gonna outsleep an AC or a Sasquatch? No.

But it’s still just as smooth as anything anyone could want.

If you like having art on your yo-yos… you’re not going to find a better playing one out there that allows for it like the Canvas does… that’s for sure.

Some of the graphics aren’t for everyone, but if you like what you see, you won’t go wrong in getting one.

While the chief was the competition throw of CLYW i felt the Canvas was the fun side of CLYW.