Which CLYW?

I am thinking about saving up for a CLYW yoyo. The thing is, I have no clue what to get. I am asking you what I should get based on the below chart.

First off, no saying “Oh, great. Another one of these threads.” I know that this is very similar to some other ones but at least I am telling you what I want.

Second, I have two questions going. If you have no clue what I should get, fill in your favorite.

Third, for my chart:

My preferred spec area:
Diameter: 54-57mm
Width: 40-42mm (give or take)
Gap Width: Don’t really care
Weight: 65.5-69

I would also like to say that I am not too interested in a Puffin right now. I really do not like the shape. The only reason I put it on this thread is because it may be your favorite.

So, knowing what you do now, what should I get?

Just go with 1 of the new ones and I doubt you’ll be dissapointed. They’ll all put under lots of testing till it gets the clyw approval so I’d just go with whichever one has a colorway you like.

I choose the new avalanche because it was like every thing you you said but it was a little to wide :smiley:

Many of those are not even available yet, but people will vote based on what they desire, not what they’ve experienced. :wink:

Me, I desire a Puffin 2. But anybody who asks for a recommendation, I always say Chief. How you gonna beat a Chief? Unless you’re NathanC, that is. But otherwise, the Chief is a fantastic yoyo!

What I recommend and what I play aren’t necessarily the same thing, though… I’d like to get a Chief, too, but what I really love is the Puffin. A yoyo hasn’t fit me this well since I got my first Punch Line.


Bvm2 is great and fits in your criteria. It is comfortable in the hand very smooth and super stable. It’s alittle more in the serious side “like when people say it’s a competition throw” but still loads of fun. It dosent play that fast but if pushed it can play how ever u want

It seems to me that the yoyoing landscape is littered with yoyos that play well beyond what the average Joe can put it through, even with a bit of experience under his belt. As far as I’m concerned the play differential between a $70 throw and a $120 throw is small. I’m sure this differential exists in most cases, but much if not all of my repertoire could be pulled off on a relatively cheap yoyo. For that reason I am willing to spend more serious money to buy throws that instill a greater sense of enjoyment in my play (which is a touch personal of course). For this reason I recommend the Canvas. It’s just one of those yoyos that makes throwing a small piece of aluminum towards the ground really really enjoyable and create a smile.

If you want to get one thats out now I would say cliff, chief or summit

Or you can wait a bit and fget one of the newer ons like AC2 Puffin 2 Gnarwall 2 Bonfire

Now, I will answer your questions and reply to your replies.

First off:

Before I get one of the new ones, I would like to see a review. As for yoyos with colorways, I do not do that. I chose a yoyo that I know (or at least I am pretty sure) that I will like. Otherwise, there is no point in having one. After I decide which yoyo I want, then I find the coolest colorway.


That is definitely one that I am considering.


Trust me, by the time I have the money, they will be available.

I am really thinking about waiting on a Gnarhwal 2. I saw the SPECS on the CLYW website. It seems on the smaller side of yoyos that I like but the shape is what got me.

Then I will certainly consider a Puffin or Chief as well.


This is the one that I was mostly looking at. I will still take all other recommendations into consideration.


I am not sure I quite understand what you are trying to say here.


Out of the three you mentioned, I would prefer a Chief or Summit.

Like I said, by the time I have the money, they will be available. Out of these, I have been looking at the Gnarhwal 2.

^ the chief and the summit are really good throws Great choices

slowyojoe is saying simply this: almost any yoyo in your price range that you pick up will do far more than most people will ever need it to do. That being the case, get a FUN yoyo, and to him, the Canvas is the one for the job! Performs great but is also just fun to throw.


Why thank you kind sir, for converting my verbose dribble into American. Exactly that. I was saying, buy a Canvas.

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I translated to Canadian, but then realized that since I didn’t use words like “labour” or “doughnut”, reference the metric system, or talk about the weather in centigrade, it would serve well enough for Americans as well!

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Where can I get a Canvas? (Other than the BST, I am not really sure I want a used one)

I think the BST is your only way to find a Canvas these days: a run not too long ago (a few weeks) was touted as their last. However, I wouldn’t worry about it being used. I have purchased/traded many times on the BST and as long as you show a modicum of care, then you can find yoyos that are definitely as good as new. Canvas’ are relatively sought after (I myself am eternally on the hunt), but I’m sure you can find one if you are prepared to trade a decent throw or part with a reasonable amount of cash. It will be worth it, in my humble opinion.

As slowyojoe said, the Canvas is a retired CLYW. They generally seem to retain their value pretty well on the BST (I generally see them at $110+ for mint condition ones), though I’ve seen a couple in the $75-85 range with very light damage. If you’re a fan of organic highwall FHZ shapes then the Canvas could definitely be the yoyo for you. If you want a V shape competition throw then you will probably be disappointed

I have never tried a FHZ.

Like I said, I would like a new one.


I just saw the AC 2 specs and I think that is what I am going to start saving for. Either that, or the highest rated on the poll (with 5 votes), the BvM2. Maybe even both.

Im saving for the ac2 aswell