Best CLYW yoyo


What do you think the best CLYW yoyo is? Most people agree it is the Chief. Do you?


I’d say summit. Chief is my #2 choice.





Really, it depends on my mood.

If I had to pick my top 5, it would be the Chief, Arctic Circle, Avalanche, BvMr2 and Gnarwal.

However, I have a fairly complete set of CLYW’s, and if I have to, I can find one to suit my mood. I often reach for a Gnarwal, which doesn’t make sense since I generally go for full sized. But I have been playing my Puffin a lot a couple of weeks ago and I gotta say the more I play it the more I like it.


Original Bear vs. Man :wink: I also really liked the Peak.


I really love the summit but the bvm2 is wonderful.


Any other suggestions? I still don’t know what to buy.


What sort of things do you look for in a throw? Oversized/undersized? Heavy playing or light? Fast or slow?

Every CLYW is different and the best one for you will depend on your preferences.


I want a stable yoyo that can play fast and that spins for a long time. Size dosen’t really matter.


Also would this yoyo based on my preferences be good for sideways play and 5a?


Get a CLYW Snipe. If you can find one, they’re super rare.


Mocking/inside joke posts like this don’t help anyone.

I am to believe that V shaped yoyos are best for horizontal, and the BVM2 is rather V-shaped-ish design, so that could be an idea.

Having limited CLYW experience (just a Chief and AC) there’s only so much I can draw on. The search feature will be your friend:

These posts might help. Honestly, just find one of those you like the look of in a colourway that you like and buy it. If I’m being pedantic then I’d advise you to avoid these:

Gnarwal - Undersized, so performance will suffer slightly

Puffin - I’ve heard mixed things about the Puffins stability and spin times, so I’m a bit unsure about it

I’m sure that any of the others will suit your needs. We’re in a time when people are doing 1 min+ throws with $30 yoyos, so most yoyos will be stable enough and spin long enough once you get your skill level up… =)


I have no issue with spin times or performance with either the Gnarwal and the Puffin. I think the Puffin just appeals to a smaller audience, but it’s still a great performer. It is smooth and stable and there are absolutely no issues with spin time. It is a model I would recommend trying before buying.

The Gnarwal always works fantastic for me. This is the CLYW I tend to reach for more than anything. Clean bearing, hard throw, and it opens right up. I won’t fault your accurate points for it’s smaller size so spin times are a bit limited, but if I’m pushing myself to the very edge, I’m not reading my yoyo very well anyways, so I place fault back on me, not the yoyo. I don’t see these as performance issues, just a fact of life with smaller and lighter yoyos. I kind of know what to expect when I buy something based on specs.



Avalanche and Arctic Circle are the best by far


What about the Cliff and glacier express? How do they compare to other clyws? The Cliff seems great and I want to know how it plays. I know it is oversized. Also, how does the Arctic Circle compare to the Chief?


small bearing original bvm


In your opinion, which is unfortunately all that this is unless you bring up some points to back it up.

As far as Chief .vs. Arctic Circle goes, I actually wrote up an article on that exact matter recently.

This pretty much sums up everything for me.


Thats all opinion. I tried the avalanche and hated it. To me it was terrible. To him it could be good, it could be bad. You need to say things about the yoyos, not just NO NO NO!


How does the H5xChief and the Cliff compare to the Summit? The reason I ask is because I can buy a H5xChief for $100, and the Summit for $125 (AUD).


Please answer. :-\


Well for starters, the H5xChief is a lot larger, and it’s really nice once you get used to the size.