best yoyo from CLYW


I love CLYW, but i dont have enough money to buy all those yoyos, can you tell me what yoyo should i buy next time (except the chief)


Open up you’re mind to other brands. What are you’re preferences? I would suggest to not buy a yoyo because it has clyw stamped on it


Puffin all the way, go for it!


well, thanks, i´ll keep that on mind

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The CLYW Arctic Circle is pretty amazing, I would get that!


The one you don’t have.

But the Chief, Avalanche, and AC seem to be the most popular. I have only used a chief, and it wasn’t my favorite, but it was pretty good.


If you could get your hands on an original Bear vs. Man, you won’t be disappointed.



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I found the avalanche to suit me best out of all the CLYW’s I have tried however I’m not sure if it suits your style of play. All in all though it is a smooth spinning, long sleeping, nice yoyo.


Without knowing what you have, it’s hard to recommend anything. It appears all you have is a Chief. Excellent choice.

Don’t feel obligated to snatch up everything by a particular brand, regardless of how good their product may be. But if you want to and can, then hey, go for it.

Each yoyo has different attributes. I’m not trying to brag, but I have I think a nearly complete set of CLYW yoyos(no collabs for me). Depending on my mood, any of them can be exactly what gets me to my “happy place”. I do find myself reaching for an older Gnarwal with some scrapes most often.

There’s no “wrong”. If you could, trying someone else’s might be a wise way to go.


Exactly.this yoyo is a mix of one drop and clyw, to get u used to different brands ;). Its a mix of the one drop cascade and the clyw avalanche. Its amazing. So…


This. I’ve wound up picking up most CLYW throws out of a desire to support Canadian yoyo companies, but the only two I’ve used on a regular basis are the original BvM and the new Puffin. And I think the BvM tops it.


I know CLYW is really trendy in the yoyo community right now, but feel free to expand your horizons.

That being said, I really like the Sasquatch if you can find one.


I really like the chief, and the bvmr2 is awesome as well. I really like the way the bvmr2 feels in my hand, it has a nice shape to it.


One more opinion…
I went with the Puffin and I love it. Super stable and I can’t say the word comfortable enough when describing how it plays.
Comfortable throwing,
Comfortable catching,
Comfortable holding in your hand,
…just plain Comfortable.
Aside from that it is in the fast/nimble/floaty category and if you like that I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
As a counterpoint I will say it needs more “encouragement” (read “harder throws”) for longer spin times but in no way would I say it is failing in this category. It simply requires more input.