Best CLYW yoyo

hey guys,
up until now I have mainly collected YYF yo-yos and I have recently wanted to start buying yo-yos from different companies. I’ve been looking at CLYW yo-yos but haven’t had an opportunity to
try any. Just wanted to see what some of the more popular CLYW yo-yos were so I could try some of them.



CLYW’s top 3 are the Chief, Avalanche, and Summit (if that counts) at the moment.

The Chief is something else though, it’s pretty darn good.

I’d say


What i have owned/own:

The puffin is perfect. Wide and fast. Really unique

The summit is pretty good. Smooth, and side effects. Medium paced.

The canvas is to hard to explain. Its really “bouncy” if that makes since.

The cheif if good, but not my favorite like most. Super smooth, great for grinds, and a wonderful shape. It would not be my forst choice for competition

Getting an AC tomorrow

I like the puffin and summit the most.

The next one to be released.

Chief or Summit. Avalanche is good too, and so is the Arctic Circle.

If you want pure CLYW, the chief all the way. Next to that is the Avlanche and AC for me. If you’re ok with a collab, there’s none better than the summit IMO.

Yeah, I put the Avalanche right next to the Arctic Circle.

Chief is still on top though.

I don’t think you need to do this sort of thing with both One Drop and CLYW.

Pick something that looks cool to you, see if it lines up with your budget and size preferences and then buy it.

Or buy a summit and get the best of both.

I hate the best clyw polls because the chief always wins. SUMMIT people! :wink:

Arctic circle and avalanche are the best…

The chief is by far their most popular throw so I’d just go with that guy but you can’t go wrong with any of their currently manufactured yoyos