What's the best CLYW

Seems like that’s the nicest brand of yoyo, which is the best of the best?

The one that’s not out yet.

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the CLYW Snipe is the best.

Many people consider the Chief the best CLYW, some even go as far as to say it’s the best yoyo out there.

The one that you feel you are te most comfortable with

Every one except the old ones that are discontinued> I think the Marmont.

I personally like the wooly marmot, chief an avalanche.

It’s all to what you enjoy, if you like smaller return tops the Gnarwhal or Marmot might be the best. If you like the 56 Diameter return tops then the Chief, BvM Round 2, Canvas, Sasquatch, AC and the Summit might be best for you, and if you like bigger return tops the CLIFF might be the best. CLYW is really good with producing different size throws. Right now my personal favourite is the Canvas. I’ve owned two and the first one I didn’t like much which was the Caribou Edition, sold that to a friend and just bought a Ninja Hurdle Canvas and I LOVE IT!

So yeah all in all it’s up to you on what you like, most people will say The Chief! But I say it’s what you like!

Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

Whatever CLYW I am throwing at any given moment in time is the best.

I rotate through the ones I have in my collection, but I do have preferences. Chief, Ava, BvMr2 and the Gnarwal. If I had to narrow it down, I think the Chief and Gnarwal would be the top ones to me. The more I play the BvMr2 though, the more i do like it. The Avalanche is a hands down winner.

But that’s not to say there’s not others that are great as well.

The chief can handle anything you throw at it. It spins forever and usually never dies. If you are in to more smaller/faster yoyos go with the avalanche. Its almost the same shape-ish. without the double rims and it is very fast. I heard the cliff and arctic circle are crazy yoyos if you want to develop a whole new style. Or the new summit is becoming everyone favorite. Oh and the BVM2 has received nothing but amazing reviews. So research each one and decide based on your preference. No matter what your stylr is there is a CLYW for it. and many of there yoyos can do multiple styles. Think about the summit, it can do Charles Haycock, Jensen Kimmit and Paul Dang’s style. (look at cal states footage). Anyway, I hope this helps a bit.

My final ones I suggest: Chief, Avalanche, Summit, BVM2, Narwhal,
in order from greatest to least: Summit, BVM2, chief, Avalanche, Narwhal,


Gnarwhal or OG Ava.

Chief is good, but nothing CLYW has put out can top the ava as a competition throw. Gnarwhals are crazy fun.

Fools gold Avalanche by far

I think the 7075 chief may top the OG Ava competition wise, but I haven’t thrown the two side by side. I don’t have an OG Ava anymore.

The 7075 Chief is head and tales above the OG Avalanche. Heck, even the Sasquatch is better then the OG Avalanche.


Second place is the Avalanche.

I don’t think the Sas is better than the Ava. You’re sacrificing so much speed and mobility for slightly better spin times. The Ava could handle anything I threw at anyways. Sasquatch just feels like a rock on the string, and is a bit overkill with the rim weight.

This is the most accurate reply this thread will ever have.


peak will always be #1 for me