Hi, I have wanted a CLYW for a little while, and want to pick the right one.
Please vote for what you think is the best CLYW yoyo.
Also post on why you think it is the best.

You can’t go wrong with clyw the puffin is great.

Hands down the chief is the best (next to the peak)

Get whatever one you want.

Without knowing your preferences, this whole thread is a waste of time. CLYW has enough current models that they are sure to please the majority of people who purchase them.

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Please only vote if you have the yoyo that you vote for.
You can also compare it to a Irony GBA.

I have everything on that list(and then some) except the H5XChief, and that model I have no interest in. I don’t really have any interest in the collaboration yoyos.

If you’re trying to use an Irony GBA as a comparison, nothing CLYW makes compares. You’re best off with a Chief then.

Hands down, it is the OLD Avalanche. They are easy to find on the BST. Better than the Chief IMO, but the Chief is still amazing. The double rims give it killer looks, makes me want to pick it up and throw it!

Also, dont get an Irony GBA. Get an IronyJP. Infinitely better, plays like a YYR.

I already have a irony GBA and it is realy realy good.

Love the old Avas, they’re super fun, Glacier Express is ridiculously stable, and Cliff looks great but i’m kinda done with CLYW for the moment just because of their prices, but if i had to choose one i’d probably try to track down a Cliff or grab the 2nd run when it drops.

Old Avalanche added!

OG ava is the best one I’ve played. That thing spun forever and just felt so powerful. Could handle everything I threw at it.

Can’t really say the same for any of the other models I’ve tried. Sas comes close but is a bit too clunky for me.

I really like the Chief, but i LOVE the new Avalanche.

Please post why you like them!

Wow it looks like nobody likes the Glacier Express! I thought i looked realy cool!

I may be completely wrong but isnt the CLIFF a revised version of the GE

lol. I accidently used my brothers account!
I did that post, not modman10.

It does look like that.

They perfected their undercut

It’s just everything done right.
The light bouncy feel
The elegant glide on the string
The hang time in the air for whips
The ferocious spin
The fantastic grindablity.


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