Whats the best CLYW

What’s the best because I am gunna get one

There really is no such thing as a “Best” yoyo because everyone is deifferent and everyone likes different things so look at the specs and the pictures and find out which one looks best to you and buy that one. In my experience there’s no such thing as a bad CLYW I like them all.

Good Luck

All of them are the best.

All of them are quite good, and like an earlier response said, the best one for you will vary based on preference. That being said, I love the chief. It is probably my favorite clyw that I have tried.

Damn this is a hard one to anwser.

Personal favorite is the AC1 or Puffin 2

There are bad clyws though.

Just pick up a Chief. It’ll please anyone.

Agreed. The Chief is such a fun throw.

Maybe fools gold, everything else is top notch.

Adrians probably talking about the Yeti. He says there to plasticy.

I think most people will tell you that you can’t lose with the Chief.

However, I sold my only Chief (might get another one later) along with my Puffin 2, and kept my H5xChief and the original Puffin.

Most people would shake their heads at me for the above, but I just enjoy what those two yoyos bring to my collection, so I kept’em. It’s all about preferences. I like outliers, whereas the Chief and Puffin 2 hit pretty much all the right notes. :wink:

Like everyone has said, there isn’t a best CLYW but I really like the Avalanche, AC1, and AC2.

Tried almost all the clyws at worlds and personal favorite is AC2 followed by puffin2