What Is The Best CLYW yoyo in General?

Vote it up please!


All of them


Arctic Circle 1 or 2… Let the arguing begin…

Pretty sure nothing beats the Chief in how it made such a stir when it came out!

All of this comes down to preference. If you put 5 yoyoers who knew what they were talking about in 1 room, they might all pick different ones, and they would all still be right. CLYW has an amazing line up, and they’re all A+ performers. My favorite is the Avalanche, but the Chief will also be a popular vote.

why can I not vote puffin2?

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Puffin 2 , marmot 2



Rignt now my gnarwhal 2 is by far the smoothest outta all of my CLYW
I think Gnar is the shiz for me

It’s amazing! I agree!