Does any body know when YoyoExpert will have new CLYW yoyo’s in stock?

there is no best yoyo. and why did you only list two?

I just want to know peoples take on these two yoyo’s. Thats why there are only two.

On the official yoyoexpert thread they said that the avalanches should be coming in the nest few weeks and the puffin shortly after that

yeah, I don’t know why you put just those 2 yo-yos there. If people can only choose between those 2, chief will get almost literally all the votes.

Also, there is going to be a new gnarwhal run soon. Chris just got the yoyo’s, from either ano or machining, today.

i was hearing that Avalanches could be any day now.

I may be wrong but I believe they usually release CLYW on Fridays or Sundays.

really? that would sweet 8)