CLYW Release dates?

Well I’ve seen that Clyw has alot of stuff coming out soon and I was wondering if anybody knows around when these are going to release?
-2nd Run Cliff
-New Avalanche Run with all of Chris’s favorite colors/colours
-CLYW Plastic
If anybody just knows the general time of when theese come out if you could post it below I would appreciate it

It will release when Chris wants it to be relased. He’s a busy man and he’s still shipping orders from a few weeks back. Give him time.

I know :-X I just want a Cliff so bad now :slight_smile: I wish I lived in Canada so that I could volunteer to give him more help :’(

Hang in there. The Cliff will be there very soon. Speaking of which, I’ve played with someone’s Cliff before and it was so good it’s almost scary. You’ll enjoy it.

haha thanks guys :slight_smile:

New avalanche colors :slight_smile: I’m down