(Nautilus) #1

When are the next run of clyws coming out i really want one but i wont trade because i been scammed before (not on here or any yoyo site) so does any one know when the next runs are coming out? thanks and throw strong
~Natutilus the deep sea thrower


the avalanche.


Avalanches shipped this week. So I would assume you can expect a release pretty soon.


the puffin should be coming out relatively soon


Comeback Avalanche will be out in a week or so, Puffin maybe a little after that. There’s still Chiefs, Arctic Circles, and Glacier Express available now on YYE though…


No ACs, 2 Chiefs, but a mess of GEs.


It looks like I’ll need to scavenge some money for the Puffin release. :-\

Any news on the price that I may have missed?