when will CLYW stuff be available on yoyoexpert

Supposedly really soon, like some people say within a week or so. That’s what I’ve heard.
Hope I helped! ;D

thanks ;D

It will be available this week.

We will be making an official announcement along with an official release time that they will be available at.


Is it going to be Only the bassalope or other CLYW yoyos?

hope so

Why do you hope there are only the one yoyo? I would like them all to be there.

I think he was saying he hopes that there are many CLYWs.

I hope they sell Campfires and Wollies.

Peaks, Bassalope and Bvms would be cool too.

I hope they do, i have a peak, bvm, bassalope, but not a woolie marmot.
I want one badly, can’t wait :o :o :o

anticipation is eating me