Hi so I am trying to pick a clyw yoyo (my first one). I was looking at all and they look pretty similar the gap. I like all besides the glacier express and bvm2 idk they just dont appeal to me.

Help would be great and if possible top 3? thanks

For starters, stop making more threads about the same topic. Even though this isn’t even in the right section, just stop making more threads.

srry i will stop ive just been trying to pick because im gonna order soon.

My personal top 3 would be:

  1. Chief
  2. Avalanche

You really don’t like the BvM2? Man! That yoyo’s amazing. Oh well. Probaby a top 3 would be


CLYW’s flagship model. Some say it’s the perfect yoyo and I can see why. Basically, you can’t go wrog with this. It’s pretty much FAILSAFE


A legendary yoyo. This yoyo shook so many out there. It’s beefy rims give it a powerful command. It wants to be your right hand man. FIT FOR DUTY. This yoyo is stable and it’s not too floaty, not too solid, somewhere in between.


This yoyo wants fun, hence it beig named after the animal that is depicted to party all the time in the Caribou Comics. Even when put to serious, it cannot help, but the one to break the silence. It’s a great yoyo. Extremely stable for it’s size, smooth as can be, and ready for anything you throw at it.

I actually tried the BvM2 at PNWR before it was released here on yye. It’s great actually. I will get one soon.

I can’t decide…

  1. Summit
  2. Arctic circle
  3. Chief
  4. Avalanche
  5. Puffin or chief

Yeah im really thinking about the puffin because of its size too im not a fan of big yoyos which is why i dont like the BVM or chief

I do have to warn you about the Chief, out of the box I didn’t like it that much. It’s a very unique throw and felt weird to me at first. However, over time I’ve grown to love it, you just have to spend a little time with it. It’s definitely the most stable I own, also.

I don’t hear a lot of great stuff about the NEW Avalanche, but for sure the Arictic Circle could never disappoint you !

or there is the gnarwhal since the psoter said he doesn’t like full sized that is another great throw. Only tried a fg for like 5 minutes so I can’t say much but it is very nice

This is the order I would rate my CLYWs in:

Arctic circle

The chief, as someone said, is FAILSAFE. I ordered it as an afterthought and add-on to my order and I play it more than anything else. Chief is tons and tons of fun.