Looking to get a CLYW


What yoyo should I get besides the yeti as my first CLYW yoyo?


All r really good most people will say chief because it will not disappoint. I have a few I like the puffin, chief and summit is good but that’s OD too


Well, it all depends on the kind of yoyos you like. The Chief is really good overall, the Cliff is good if you like big airy-feeling yoyos like the Werrd Bad Decision. The BvM2 is really rock-solid and stable, and the Peak is the obvious choice if you like classic metals.

I would say… find a friend who has a few, and try them out first. It’s all about personal preference, after all.


If you can’t try any, go for the Chief.

If not, go for an Avalanche.


(Erik Kerber ) #6

I Really Like The Summit but thats OD everyones different so thats just my choice but all clyws are pretty good


Arctic circle or Avalanche- They’re both amazing!


If not, just buy a CLYW T-Shirt and pretend you own one.


they’re all really good.
floaty: puffin, cliff, summit
stable: chief, arctic circle, BvM 2, avalanche
small: gnarwhal, puffin
oversized: cliff
midsized: the rest
i think this is correct. left out the glacier express because i know nothing about it.