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I only want 1 clyw how do I know which one to get?


It would help if you listed what you have and what you like about each one. That would give me, and everyone else who reads this thread, an idea of what to recommend.


I have been told that the Chief is a good one to start with and will actually be my first CLYW. Don’t get the Pink with Black Speckle. Those are for me;)

(SR) #4

If you don’t own a Chief already, get one. One of the best yoyos available today by a landslide and recommended by Chris for anyone looking for their first CLYW. It’s the best of the best dude, I love mine!


I’d sat chief or summit
The summit is one drip and CLYW, they came together and made the summit. Its a great throw, they combined the clyw avalanche and the one drop majesty ( I think, I forgot :slight_smile: ) and they made the summit. They are both the sane price so try them both if you can, or just see which looks cooler :wink:


Cough Cough Cough… get the facts right. It was just clwy+onedrop not a COUGH COUGH Majesty.


Sorry, it was the cascade, and if you dont believe that it was the cascade and The avalanche, here’s a quote from yye “The result: ‘the Summit’. The name really speaks for itself as this is a melding of a CLYW Avalanche and a One Drop Cascade. The name also refers to how this was a meeting of the minds.”



Maybe just me but I think that the sasquatch is the best CLYW to date.


If you like undersized, Gnarwal.

If you’re under a budget crunch but want full sized, Avalanche.
Still too much: Sasquatch

Like closer to mid-sized and tear it up at contests: Arctic Circle

Full sized competition beast: Chief

Floaty but still a great competitor: Puffin

Big and fun: Cliff

Undercut and fast: Glacier Express

Alternate power-player: Bear vs. Man Round 2


I’ve owned the Chief, Arctic Circle, Gnarwhal, H5xChief and Summit. I think the one that stands out in over all performance is the Arcitc Circle, super long sleeper, stable beyond words…

Still i prefer the Summit, i like the feel of it, it is fast and super light on the string, and also very smooth.

But at the end of the day i think the Chief is the one everybody is going to pick, since it has a lot of features that may please a wide range of players.


Chief or Avalanche.

The Chief has a more unique shape and is currently their flagship throw so I’d go with that.

The Summit is tops but I think of it as more One Droppy than CLYW, probably 'cause of the Side Effects, even though it was a full collaboration.

I also quite like the Bear Vs Man 2 and Cliff but I’m not sure I’d recommend either of them as the one CLYW to get unless wither of them really catches your eye.


The Chief is a straight out beast! Highly recommended, and you dont have to worry too much about oh does it fit my style cuz the chief is a nice all round yoyo that can play fast and stable, smooth and floaty, or however. If thats a bit too much, the avalanche and summit are nice choices too.


just bought a chief thanks guys!