First Clyw YoYo?


Thanks guys

(SR) #2

The Chief is the best CLYW imo. Get it.


Avalanche isnt on the list…




I’m not interested in the “half breed mongrels” that CLYW collaborates to produce. Just a personal thing. I would prefer a “pure” CLYW or a “pure” that brand. But I’m not gonna stand on a soap box.

There’s really no bad CLYW to get. The first CLYW I received was a a Gnarwal. I can’t wait to get the latest one. I might sell off my other Gnarwal unless the new one plays different. The second was a BvM. Then a Peak, then an Ava, A sasquatch, then a Campfire and Wooly Marmot came in fast. After that, I think a Chief. After that, I’ve been able to buy “new”. I have a fairly complete set that also includes the Canvas, another Peak, the new Avalanche, Bassalope(small and large bearing), and even the Glacier Express. 15 total CLYW’s, all very much prized, played and enjoyed. I can’t really picka stand-out favorite. The nice thing is the variety lets me pick the CLYW that fits my mood.

I forget your list. I ain’t voting. The Glacier Express is a vast departure for CLYW, definitely breaking their organic feel and shape. It’s still a great player and I have no regrets about getting it. The copper pot pattern is really pretty, and I’m glad I got it. However, I am torn between the Chief and the AC, probably being two of my favorites. But for on the go, the Gnarwal seems to fit me pretty good most of the time. The Campfire is a bit small for my preferences, but I love the challenge it gives me. I’d say the AC or Chief might be your top choices.


I think Studio42’s oddly horrifying assessment is correct. I absolutely adore the Glacier Express. But it wouldn’t be my first CLYW. It’s not what made CLYW, well, CLYW. I think, on a normal human being budget, you have to really hit the essence of the company you’re looking at on the first try. The Chief has to be that. The full size, “Chief” rims, extreme ease of play. The Arctic Circle is AMAZING…but it’s quite a bit faster. Denser, somehow. I tried yoyokid8’s Gnarwhal yesterday…and one of those WILL be heading my way in the next week. I could absolutely see that turning into my “go everywhere” throw. Crazy comfortable in hand. I haven’t tried an Avalanche…and I suspect it may be a close 2nd to the Chief.

In all honesty, you CAN go wrong. I mean, life won’t end or anything. But you have to try really hard (it’s a challenge for me at this stage) to look through the hot new trends and pick what’s going to be perfect for you. If you find yourself trying to squeeze a throw into your style…that brand’s probably never going to work. You’ll only settle.

Very few of us can afford to buy, then try. Each new throw should have a big impact on your enjoyment. I’m probably a bit more spoiled than most. But with the kind of money these things cost…buyers remorse can hit big. Yes, you can BST…but that just increases the cost of the throw you’re going to end up staying with. (Shipping costs, depreciation, getting a stinker from someone now and then.)

That said…you can’t go wrong with a CLYW. :wink: But I would look at established favorites like the Chief and Avalanche. The Arctic Circles hype has seemed to slow a bit, but it probably slides in there as a more mid sized choice. Look at the size that seems best for you, find a color that will inspire you to pick it up and play, and I think you’ll have your perfect throw.



Heil Chris Pickett.

Can’t go wrong with an Avalanche or Chief.


Chief no brainer, if you want a taste of CLYW, that’s the essence of that company.


Chief was my first. It’s pretty much what I would call their flagship model. Avalanche gets a lot of love as well. I’d go with Chief. Can’t really go wrong with a CLYW. Unless you get a stripped one.


It is sold out