First CLYW

I am looking to but a full sized CLYW, but I don’t which one. I was thinking the avalanche or the glacier express. ??? ???

The chief. It’s CLYWs flagship model and is what most recommend when buying a CLYW for the first time.

From the pre-Chief models I’d recommend the gnarwhal or avalanche.

From the most recent CLYW models, the chief or arctic circle.

You really can’t go wrong with clyw they won’t disappoint.

cough Puffin cough

I prefer the Avalanche over the Chief. I prefer the Avalanche over most yoyos. The Chief is wonderful and it’s nice to throw to go, “Oh, okay, I understand why people love this thing,” but I feel the Avalanche significantly outplays the Chief in most respects. Ernest Kahn was using the new Avalanche this year at Nationals. It’s no joke.

I’d suggest trying one of the fool’s gold avalanches they’re selling at the clyw store. $60 (+15 shipping if you’re in the states) for an avalanche is a great price. Fg doesn’t really matter. My fg avalanche is still one of my best players.

That is an awesome deal. If I didn’t already have 2 Avalanches I’d buy one right now. I can pretty much gaurantee you’re not finding a better throw for $60.

Quoted for truth.

But at full price, I’d still be tempted to recommend Chief.

On the other hand, I’m completely useless for recommendations because my modus operandi is to buy stuff I don’t know. I know the Chief is amazing. I know the Avalanche is pure performance. I know the Puffin is nutty fun and stable. I know the Gnarwhal is nimble and fun. But I have no idea how an Arctic Circle plays, so that’s the one I’d buy for me. :wink:

Ive had my Avalanche for awhile now. I forgot I had other throws if that tells you anything hahahaha :wink:

Have to agree with most of the responses, Avalanche or Chief.

everyone knows colorway is what really makes the yoyo play well. not the actual yoyo. :wink:

but in all seriousness my favorite clyw is the Arctic Circle. it feels better than the Chief to me. but like everyone says you cant go wrong with any clyw.

Chief, or Sasquatch. Only ones I’ve tried.

I wouldn’t recommend the Sasquatch for a first time CLYW buyer. It’s more of an acquired feel. I didn’t find myself liking it the moment I picked it up

Im going to be “that guy” who reccomends the puffin because its my personal favorite.

If you plan on only buying one CLYW for a while, for whatever reason, I would tell you to get the Chief.

You just CAN NOT go wrong with the Chief. You will own the Flagship model of CLYW, and quickly come to understand why everyone speaks highly of CLYW. In addition, you stated you wanted a full size YoYo, so that eliminates quite a few of the other possibilities. The Chief is clearly one of those YoYo’s that all other YoYo’s are measured against.

You just CAN NOT go wrong with the Chief…In My opinion of course.

Thanks, just bought an Avalanche.

I beleive curly and berdo are one and the same arent they konner