Anything NOT undersized!
Other than that, just want something as expensive as a Chief or lower.

I’d go with an Arctic Circle or a Chief. They seem to be the two most popular models.


Hmmmm, I’ll go check those out and look at there shapes. Any more preferences?

The Avalanche is pretty good but a bit more orthodox (albeit well done) in design. The only other CLYW I own are the Gnarwhal which is undersized and the Cliff which is outside of your budget. If you can afford the extra dosh, the Cliff is my favourite of the CLYW range.


Avalanche, it play closest to the things you like.

ex. Super G Code2 etc.

the Chief plays VERY different from those yoyos

Puffin. It’s just an overall fun throw

I know but I want a new feel! I’m thinking of an Arctic Circle

New feel? Chief for sure. Most unique throw out there.
and imo, the most innovative.

and if it was in stock, id say Cliff otherwise.

the AC feels alot like a smaller code 2 but more solid and more stable,quite honestly

Hmmm, I’ll think about it.

Of all the clyw Yoyos I have thrown (marmot, chief, peak avalanche, gnarwal, bear vs man) I gotta say that the avalanche is one of the best Yoyos on the market. If you don’t like anything about it, consider an arctic circle or a chief

I second this, since i own both the CODE2 and the AC. The AC seems to be more on the solid side, while it’s the floaty side for CODE2, but both have much similarities in the feel and also the shape, too

fools gold avalanche! Only $60 too, plus shipping of course…

an arctic circle or chief i have heard are good. both would look cool with glow stick mods!

I just tried the whole CLYW line today at a meet, and would definitely go with the Chief or the Arctic Circle. They are both really awesome throws!

Comeback Avalanche or Chief.

OG Ava or Chief.