Agony of Choosing a CLYW Yoyo

So many CLYW yoyo’s to choose from. It hurts my brain. Now, what CLYW yoyo should I get? Price does not matter. I’ve heard the Chief and Avalanche is good, but the newer 2014 CLYW’s have never been mentioned, since the posts I read were old. I want to know if the Arctic Circle: 2nd Expedition, Gnarwhal 2, and Bonfire are any good, compared to BvM2, Chief, Avalanche, and Summit. I don’t know about the Puffin, and the Cliff.

It doesn’t matter. They’re all great. Someone once told me to quit stressing over which yoyo to buy and just to buy one and be happy with it. All high end throws and especially CLYWs all play wonderfully they just play ever so slightly differently. :wink:

If you’ve never played one, buy used. Personally, I’ve owned multiple Chiefs, a Cliff, 2 Yetis, and a Glacier Express. I haven’t really thought they were all that impressive. I kept trying different Chiefs and Yetis because everyone talks them up so much. I definitely prefer multiple different One Drop and G-Squared throws over any I’ve tried.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying not to get one. You should definitely try one. So many love them. I’m just not one of them.

Try an AC, a Gnarwhal, or an original BvM. My favorite CLYW’s, you may like them too.

To the OP, on that note, try the AC2. Excellent yoyo, similar to the original except maybe a gram and a mm larger.

Also, it has a lower wall and improved weight distribution. The OP probably knew this but in the off chance that he doesn’t it may help him.

I’m one of those that loves the Chief. If price doesn’t matter, pass on the Yeti for now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m REALLY enjoying mine… but it’s not the same as getting a metal CLYW. It serves a different purpose.

But what I love even more than the Chief is the Puffin. It’s unconventional. Or… more conventional? depending on how you look at it. Its profile isn’t the current competition trend, and even Palli wanted a new profile and spin times (hence the Puffin 2). My Puffin 2 is on the way, but I love the original so much that I will probably always have a place for it in my collection.

The original Puffin doesn’t spin as long as recent competition monsters, but it spins plenty long. It doesn’t do horizontal like a thick-rimmed H-profile will, but it does horizontal. It excels for all kinds of grinds, though, and mainly it’s just comfortable and fun to throw.

For most people new to CLYW, the BvM2, Gnar 2 (haven’t played one, but from reviews), or Chief are probably safer bets. I’m just saying what I love. :wink:

I’ve bought and traded for quite a few high end yoyos, but I have to end up selling them when cash gets low. Over time though I realized that the Chief is one of the yoyos I want to have to keep forever, or until I decide it’s time to quit yo-yoing. The other CLYW’s I’ve tried were good, but I couldn’t find anything about them that would make me decide to keep them over something else when it was time to sell a yoyo. I have a Puffin 2 coming in the mail. I tried the Puffin and didn’t like it, but I’m hoping the 2nd version is another “Chief” to me.

I have a small clyw collection getting started and of them the AC2 is hands down my favorite, i just got a first run puffin and have only had it a few days and i am really enjoying it. again like others mentioned the spin time is not on par with other throws, but still a fun one to have and im glad i added it to my collection. I do have a chief and its great, but i always reach for my AC2 over it.

depends on your preferences. i love the puffin and have a 28 stories puffin 2 on the way :smiley: but the bvm2 is definitely a close second (like really, really, close) but you cant go wrong with any, i heard the gnarwal 2 is AAAMMAAZING! same with the AC2. just pick one that “speaks” to you! if you like the shape and weight, get it! you cant go wrong with any ;D