What do you guys think the best of the newer CLYW’s are and why? :wink:

mainly chief vs bonfire as im going to buy one :stuck_out_tongue:


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summit heh heh heh

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Personally I like the Chief. You could always wait for the Scout though, it’s supposed to be a mix between the Chief and the Bonfire

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ac2 b/c yuuki

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the newr ones,i like he BVM2…but still stick to my puffin1 ive traded off all clyw that ive ever owned,but the puffin just a staple of their work in my opinion and the chief of course

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Not necessarily the best playing, but I’ve heard the first run peaks have a unique feel.

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I think the bonfire is the best. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tried or owned, ‘All’ of them; so I can only conclude from the ones I have or have thrown.

That being said; of those I am well acquainted with; I like the New Sasquatch the Best. Hey, maybe it’s just the particular one I own? Dunno? But I think the Sas is one of the most underrated CLYW Yoyos.

I know many people say ‘the Chief’. But I have had several Chiefs and didn’t care for any of them. And have either sold or traded them away. I have about a dozen CLYW yoyos. I have ‘zero’ Chiefs.

I really like the Bonfire. And the Puffins; both 1 and 2 versions. The Glacial Express; although the shape smacks me on the catch; I really like the way the Yoyo plays.

I have 3 BVM’s. They all sleep right next to each other in their little boxes. I have a BVM2 FG; and it is a very nice Yoyo.

The Arctic Circle second expedition is fun to throw around… It is sorta medium speed but very relaxing to play.

The Avalanche is a great all around CLYW choice. <not all catch zone like some people like. But since the ‘middle of the Yoyo is always in the center of the gap’; if you can hit a trapeze with your eyes closed; it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Marmots are very good but seldom talked about.

I don’t care much at all for Yeti yoyos. To me, they are like slower moving Chiefs. I guess I am just not talented enough to recognize the functionality potential of the Chief?

But bottom line from me is that I don’t think CLYW actually makes any ‘bad’ yoyos. Every single one… Including the Cliff; has a personality and place in the Company’s’ line up.

Most CLYW yoyos I have or have owned; have some small degree of vibe to them. I actually have FG grades that play smoother than A grades(prolly ano flaws made them B grades?).

I Never play any CLYW yoyos with flat bearings; ever. < Mainly use Centertracs. Except the Sasquatch; use a KK. To me; the Sasquatch with a KK has a Powerful spin few other yoyos can match.

If you want to know what I mean by Powerful spin; you need to throw a Berserker SS. The Beast of the future; here today.

PS… to me, yoyos are like shoes. Some fit better than others. Some guys buy yoyos that others rave about; just to find out a particular Yoyo ‘doesn’t fit’ his style/skill level/etc.

You ever buy a pair of shoes because All your friends wear that model? And a few days later; your feet are not very happy with your choice, lol? You ever see a girl wearing pants so tight that her eyes look larger? But she has to be in Style when she goes to the Mall with her friends?

Bottom line; wear pants that fit. Wear shoes that make life walkable. And face the reality that no matter what the Price Point of the Yoyo; no matter what the shape/weight/etc. of a Yoyo; some yoyos are going to ‘fit you’ and some are not.

When you find the Yoyo that ‘fits’ you will know it. Because it is the one you will find at the end of the string on your finger; most often. It is the one you will always take with you when you leave the house. It is the one that upsets you when you misplace it.

That is the Best Yoyo.



I’m quite happy with the 2 Chiefs I own, because there is absolutely no vibe on either of them. I just ordered a FG BvM2 and I’m hoping I get a “good” one that simply has anno flaws haha

The wooly marmont2 is a good throw but for some reason people don’t like it that much. The glacier express is another underrated throw.

Sorry bu iv got no idea what fg is? ???

Fool’s Gold, CLYW’s b-grade products.

I don’t think Clyw puts out terribly vibey yoyos maybe they don’t pass the fingenail test but they are still very payable even the FG.

Its all preference really,
buy one, they are all extremely nice and are hard to go wrong with.
If you dont feel the vibes (good feels), the BST will welcome it very well.
Chances are you can sell it off and buy another one when it releases
Or you can trade it.

Totally all about preference.

My favourite is the original Puffin. Not going to be the top choice of heaps of people. More will select the Chief, Bonfire, AC2, Puffin 2, or others.

But for me it’s that Puffin 1 love.


I’m probably going to get some heat for this but the only clyw i ever really liked was a wooly marmot proto i played with once… even then it wasn’t what i really wanted out of a yoyo.

My personal favorite is the Chief