Best clyw sold online?

Hey guys!
I just recently sold a clyw Arctic Circle and I’m thinking about getting another clyw! What are your guys opinions on current CLYW’s. I already picked up a puffin 2!

Have you had a Chief? This is probably the most recommended CLYWs, and for good reason. Everyone should throw a Chief at least once. :wink:

Yes I used to have a chief. Had some issues though so I returned it for a puffin 2

Get an Arctic Circle 2 or a Arctic Circle, Summit, or Bvm2…

i had an arctic circle, and liked it, I did consider the summit, but I am afraid that I will mess up the side effects.

So sad they’re discontinued. :frowning:

i actually talked to chris. He’s having some annodized right now :blush:


Best means different things to different people but in terms of most fun to play of the few that I have would be the Bonfire!

So sad they’re discontinued. :frowning:
[/quote Lol not discontinued wondering where you heard that from.

Not discontinued. Part of their legacy line.

How would you mess up the SE’s? In the unlikely chance you do, you can just get new ones.

Never heard of anyone messing up side effects, secondly i’d rather mess up a $10 pair of SE’s, than strip the axle threads or mess up the bearing seat.

now that I think about it yes I guess your right. I should maybe pick one up, now it’s just a matter of color…


Id rec the ac2 or cliff:)

do you have those?

Bvm2 it’s a really smooth yoyo. It’s not super heavy and is well balanced. It also has pretty god spin time for grinding!


That one with pick axes on it